Biggest Empties Ever : Haircare

Oh my, this haircare was a massive pile to get through – photography and writing wise. This is a massive stack of products, I think it’s important to note that most of the general shampoos and condtioners (unless they’re something special like hair growth from lee stafford or something fancier) are shared in our house so Ben will wash his hair daily so we go through them relatively quickly – and we only have 1 shower room so any guest will tend to use what’s in the shower too, hopefully this makes this pile seem a little less crazy. Unfortuately I have long thick hair that requires a lot of conditioner at all times, and my hair needs washing 3 times a week which means I get through a normal sized conditioner about every 2-3 weeks!




Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment x 4

This is the product from the Lee Stafford Hair Growth range that I think makes the difference when it comes to hair growth. Since intro-ing this into my routine I’ve noticed so much new hair growth at the root where my hair is starting to get a lot thicker. I’m continuing with this to try and get it to get to a point where it becomes less static looking, I know it must look like broken hair to some people but actually it’s all fresh growth.

Repurchase: Already have

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Conditioner

I like this conditioner, but it’s not my favourite from the range – personally not sure it makes a difference, I also go through conditioner really quickly so this doesn’t last me very long as I need to use so much with every use.

Repurchase: Unlikely, but would use if had it

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo x 3

I’m not sure if this shampoo makes any difference when it comes to hair growth, but it makes my hair look really shiny, smell nice and a bottle seems to last a good chunk of time so it wins points. If I’m repurchasing the treatment and there’s a 3 for 2 offer on Lee Stafford and I don’t know what to pick up with it – I tend to pick up one of these.

Repurchase: Probably at some point


Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioners (900ml, 235ml & 100ml bottles)

You’d think I really like this given I’ve had so many of it – I like this but it’s not the best conditioner ever, but it is my favourite from tresseme, I normally pick between a couple of conditioners that are on offer, and tresseme – especially the big bottles – can be really good value for money when on offer. I had a baby bottle for when we went to Milan, and that middle sized bottle I picked up in Poundland as an emergency “we have none left in the house” what doesn’t look horrendous.

Repurchase: Probably at some point but not seeking it out

Tresemme Botanique Conditioner

A extra thick conditioner which smells like coconuts, really liked this actually!

Repurchase: Actually forgot about this, probably one of the best tressemes I’ve tried.


L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Condtioner

Won’t talk about this too much as it’s been in empties countless times. I love this conditioner and I’ve not had it in ages! Great reminder to rebuy it again, thanks empties.

Repurchase: Yes

L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay Shampoo (link)

This whole line I had mixed feelings about – some times I thought this worked really well at extending time between washes, other times not so much. The shampoo was probably my least favourite from the line, but it was okay – nothing special.

Repurchase: Maybe

Charles Worthington Violet Shampoo

When I first got this I felt a bit meh about it, I normally use violet shampoos once a week as a treatment for keeping yellow tones out of my hair. This is a totally different colour in that it’s more lilacy and I wasn’t really impressed with using it once a week – I started using it every time I washed my hair and it was much better as a frequent shampoo rather than a toning shampoo treatment. I noticed it kept on top of yellow tones

Repurchase: May well do, I liked it as a shampoo.


Garnier Ultimate Blends Olive Mask x 2

I got these samples in magazines and actually really liked them, it wasn’t enough with all my hair to get one use from each I had to use both together (good job I bought two of the magazine for the benefit gimme brow)

Repurchase: Maybe 

Vatika Naturals Egg Protein Hair Mask (link)

This is the best hair mask I’ve ever tried, I can’t describe the difference it has made to my hair and comes in a giant tub too. You can read my rave comments about it in my review – but the only reason I haven’t repuchased yet is because it’s not that easy to find. I discovered it at an event and the lady told me it was sold in Boots, Superdrug and Asda – but none of the stores I’ve been in have had it. They do stock it on superdrug online (I never shop at Superdrug online) but I do desperately want to get around to ordering it again. I’ve just realised how much I’m missing this!

Repurchase: Yes, I actually need to getting around to placing an online order.


I’ll whizz through these quickly Dove Colour Care shampoo sample (x2) I can’t remember what it was about these I liked but I might consider rebuying to try the full size. Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor – I bought a mini of this in the airport as it was 3 for 2 on the minis I was buying – this was nice another forgotten product I haven’t had in ages. Kiehl’s Nourishing Olive fruit shampoo, I got this at an event with Kiehls and I loved this shampoo, like really loved this shampoo, I’m actually thinking of buying this as a treat. Superdrug Coconut water shampoo and conditioner set, this was a gift with purchase and we took these for a weekend away, would consider getting these again if available for a trip away, quite enjoyed them!


Lee Stafford CocoLoco Blow and Go (link)

This is my second bottle of this stuff and I love it! This really helps me manage my knotty hair post shampooing, in addition it has a whole host of benefits including heat protection, smoothing and add shine.

Repurchase: I will do, but I’m trying to use up some other similar products before I do to declutter my haircare drawer

Lee Stafford Shine Head Shine Spray

First time trying this one from Lee Stafford, I really liked this especially when my hair was feeling a bit dry. Tend to use this on curls more so they reflect light better. Non greasy and shiny – just what’s needed.

Repurchase: Yes maybe!

Colab Active Dry Shampoo (link)

This is an alternative twist on the original Colab line which you can read about in my review. Essentially it adds an extra level of protection to your hair with UV and pollutatant protection properties – who knows if it’s actually doing that – but as a dry shampoo it’s good and this is by far the best smelling from the Colab line so would repurchase it again.

Repurchase: Yes

Aussie Flower Girl Dry Shampoo

This was a limited edition scent for summer, the normal ones have a light pleasant fragrance, but this was much more floral, I’d definitely buy this one all the time if available. Still my favourite dry shampoo formula.

Repurchase: Limited edition so no – but I do already have another that I’m working on that’s just their regular one

Andreas Wendt The Stylist Heat Protection Spray

Another product I was given to review at the TV shopping channel I worked at, I had a couple of bottles of this and loved it, this smelt really good, the only thing was the pump was prone to coming loose.

Repurchase: No as I can’t get my hands on it any more, but if I was given it – sure!


Schwarzkopf Got 2 B Oil-licious hair oil (link)

I didn’t really realise just how much I liked this oil until I saw I was coming to the end of it. This is great and affordable, again I talked about this not too long ago so you can check out the review if you missed it!

Repurchase: Maybe but have a lot to use up at the moment!

La Riche Cerise Hair Dye (Unpictured 3 x Rose Red La Riche)

These are what I was using when I was dying my hair bright pink over summer, Rose red is the colour that I’ve used for years, I also tried cerise which I liked the colour of – and was very similar shade, but found it washed out much quicker than Rose Red – not sure what happened with my rose red pots!

Repurchase: Yes, but no plans to go back pink until post wedding! 

Colab Sheer Invisible Travel Size

This was a free voucher from superdrug and ended up being handy to take to Milan with me! I didn’t know colab came in travel sizes, which is handy to know as my aussie favourite does not.

Repurchase: Probably for travel!



Tigi Your Highness Shampoo and Conditioner (link)

Both the shampoo and conditioner of these were a bit of a flop, I found i had to use them irregularly (which when they’re massive bottles mean they hang around for a long time) otherwise my hair would just freak out, maybe better for thinner hair.

Tigi Elasticate Conditioner (link)

This was in my dislikes pile, which I’m now not sure whether it’s correct reading my original review or whether over time my opinion ended up changing – it’s been that long ago that I have no idea. I’m guessing I ended up thinking that this wasn’t anything special and I definitely wouldn’t repurchase at full price.


Herbal Essences Lifes a Peach Shampoo and Conitioner

These were limited edition over summer and I bought them as they smelt delicious, I love peachy scents – but that was where the fun stopped. I haven’t had a herbal essence products in years as Ben is allergic to them so I haven’t really used them since I was at uni – maybe even whilst I lived at home with my parents. I don’t know if I don’t like any herbal essences or it’s just this set but in terms of what it did to my hair I wasn’t impressed.

Charles Worthington Colour Care Conditioner

This was another product I picked up in poundland at the same time – I thought it would be a good deal as CW normally £5/6 ish, and it was a quid, sadly it wasn’t great. It made my hair feel horrible, and the texture of it was so odd like it was thick and almost lumpy it was so difficult to squeeze out of the tube!


OGX Coconut Water Shampoo

I got a bottle of this last year at an event and I remembered really liking it. I rebought this a few months ago and absolutely hated it – found it made my hair this time round really hard and difficult to manage. Won’t be going back to it again.





Garnier Ultimate Blends Avocado and Shea Conditioner

I picked this up as with avo and shea it sounded like it was going to be ultra nourishing on my hair. Sadly it seemed to be the complete opposite, after washing my hair I was really struggling to get a brush through my hair – it was seriously taking me 40 minutes post shower after this.

Tresemme Scalp Renewal Conditioner

This was okay, but definitely my least favourite out of all the tresemme ones I’d tried. Ben gets on with this line quite well as he has scalp spot issues and he finds it keeps them away.


Quick whizz through the minis, Geneva Guild Conditioning Shampoo – not sure whether this was beauty box or hotel, but didn’t like it. The L’Oreal is a random conditioner from a hair dye – these I normally like but didn’t this time. Lastly Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Shampoo and Conditioner – boring and did nothing for my hair.


Lee Stafford Kiss of Colour Hair Tint

Meant to just add a pink wash to your hair, I was attempting to use this before I went really pink when I just wanted to change things up a little, but sadly this did absolutely nothing – I think your blonde must have to be ultra platinum for this to work. It was weird as when wet it looked like it had a pink tint but as it dried there was no sign of it!

Lee Stafford Overnight Treatment

I don’t think that they make this any more and I have had this for years. I know I bought this in uni so it’s atleast 5 years old – and it only had one use left in it so I kept hold of it for a long time for just one use! I don’t think that this did anything, both now or when it was new!

Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Hot Shots (link)

Initally I quite liked these intensive treatments to knock brassiness out of the hair, but now I’ve finished the packet I think these are kind of expensive for what they are and there’s some great violet shampoos such as the bleach one which will do the same thing – and you get a whole bottle rather than 4 individual treatments.


Superdrug Coconut Oil

This was the most solid coconut oil that I’d ever used, it was so touch like touching concrete to try and get it out the pot. I also don’t really love coconut oil as a condtioner, find it too difficult to rinse away.

Matrix Total Results Repair Mask

This was okay but nothing special – I could have just left a conditioner on for the same amount of time and seen the same kind of results. As matrix is a salon brand that’s not great – I bought this from my local CCO outlet for about £4, but it’s normal price is about £11 and it definitely wasn’t worth that price tag

Lee Stafford CocoLoco Mask

I think I was a bit harsh putting this on the dislikes pile, it smells great and it does do a good job – I think Ive just ended up with really high expectations of the Lee Stafford line and just wanted it to do more than it did. Ultimately though it doesn’t beat out that Vatika mask which I was using at the same time – so I guess at time of sorting into either a like or dislike is why it swung this way.


Fudge Pear and Vanilla Dry Shampoo (link)

I won’t talk too much about this as I posted a scathing review of this – I can’t remember who but someone recommended this to me on here as it was their favourite but it made my hair feel absolutely horrible.

Neal & Wolf Hairspray 

I got this in a love me beauty box last year, it was okay – not great, considering they peg this as a flexible hold spray I disagreed, it always made my hair feel very solid when I used this and didn’t keep the hair looking soft, I only ever used this on curls when I wanted them to be set like concrete.

Philip B Oud Heat Protection Spray

Another product I was given at the TV shopping station, I liked the smell of this, and technically this had an oil in it so you’d think – technically – it would make a noticeable difference with my hair once dry, sadly nope and it made my hair feel dry.


Kiehl’s Oil Infused Shampoo (link)

I bought a sample of this (£8.50 – what a rip off!) after really liking another shampoo from Kiehl’s I was given at an event. It left my hair looking and feeling greasy straight after using it. Won’t be going back to this one again that’s for sure.

Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Conditioner

Where as I loved the shampoo I thought the conditioner was just okay – considering these are like £20 a bottle for something that’s really small I’d want something to blow me away for the price

Nexxus Nutritive Shampoo and Conditioner

I got these in the first QVC tili box, my views on this were the same as above, I liked them – but I didn’t like them for how much a full size is!

Knight and Wilson Colour Freedom Rose Blonde

My problems were this were even worse than the Lee Stafford one, this did absolutely nothing to my hair, and I tried it when it was freshly bleached and toned. Disappointing and probably wouldn’t try from Knight and wilson again.

Bleach Reincarnation Hair Mask (link)

People really love this conditioning mask, but it did basically nothing for me, another thing I really didn’t like about it was the packaging – there’s so much wasted product in here as it’s a proper foil package that crinkles and traps product every time you squeeze. This didn’t live up to the hype for me!


La Riche Carnation Pink and Lavender Hair Dyes

First time trying either of these colours from la Riche, like others I think this would work only on really light platinum hair. Carnation Pink did give me a really subtle wash of colour, but not as bright as it had looked researching online. Lavender did nothing – I ended up using it more as a toner.

Just 1 more empties to go – facial skincare, you can see the series so far by clicking the links below. Also if you missed yesterday I launched a giveaway with some soap and glory makeup, I’m starting to wish I kept it for myself as it’s adorable so you can get all the details on how to win the really awesome set here.

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  1. November 29, 2016 / 10:23 am

    I can’t believe you’ve gone through so much!! I have long hair but go through like three bottle a year max lol! xxx

  2. November 29, 2016 / 1:36 pm

    in awe ….
    i just could never be this patient with stuff .
    kudos …..

  3. November 29, 2016 / 2:04 pm

    I must say, it must have been exhausting to write about all those products but I enjoy reading itπŸ˜‰

  4. November 29, 2016 / 2:12 pm

    The concept of sharing hair products with your SO is so foreign to me because mine is BALD! He shaves his head. πŸ˜€
    You need to buy stock in Lee Stafford! πŸ˜† I used the Lee Stafford CocoLoco Blow and Go for the first time today and it is DIVINE! OMG the smell. I only need a TINY bit.
    I’m going to have to look for that Tresemme Botanique conditioner, sounds like something I’d like too.
    I’m still keeping the Vatika Naturals Egg Protein Hair Mask on my radar, based on your endorsement!
    I don’t even know how you remember your thoughts on all of these products! If I don’t jot down some notes, I will forget unless they’re outstanding or horrible. The middle of the road ones, they’re so forgettable!

    • November 29, 2016 / 2:16 pm

      It helped that I had reviews on a few items to refer back to as I couldn’t remember!
      Ben does have some special man shampoo – but doesn’t use it every day as it’s from the salon and expensive – he buys better haircare than I do ha!
      I know I was going to take a picture of all the lee stafford stuff for instagram with the caption keeping lee stafford in business this year, but forgot and binned it all before I remembered!
      Yes definitely keep an eye out for the vatika mask, I need it back, plotting a superdrug order this weekend to get more of it!

  5. November 29, 2016 / 5:17 pm

    You got through a lot of haircare! It’s the only thing I hardly get throughπŸ˜‚ You do have long lovely hair though x

  6. November 29, 2016 / 7:13 pm

    Thanks for sharing! I feel like I need to up my haircare game now! πŸ™‚

  7. November 30, 2016 / 3:50 am

    Wow! It takes me forever to get through a bottle of conditioner lol xx

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