Beauty Bay Black Friday Picks

When Beauty Bay sent an email Sunday evening saying that deals were coming, I braced for impact. So far I’ve kept myself relatively restrained, some of the items I was coveting were taken off sale as the deals of up to 30% off the entire site went up, I’m not sure whether these deals/discounts might change between now and Friday, so I thought it best to snap up what I definitely wanted now – and share some other great deals, if I’d not done that mahussive haul last week I would have been going a bit more nuts on this.

Zoeva Plasir Box (£38.40)
This is incredibly tempting! The Zoeva palettes are well loved and I’ve never gotten around to trying them yet, I’d thought about adding one to my Christmas list. These are normally £18 each, and they’re three in a beautiful set for £38! What a bargain steal, these would make a beautiful Christmas Gift for one person or split up to multiple people to share. As I’m writing this it says last few remaining, snag it up quick!

Jouer Lips

Long Wear Matte Lip Creme £11.25
Anniversary Edition Lip Creme £11.25
Sheer Pigment Gloss £12.75
Long Wear Metallic £11.25
High Pigment Gloss £12.75
I’ve never seen the Jouer Lip range on offer as much as these, normally priced at £15 or £17 a pop these are a great steal for any Jouer dedicated fans. I finally picked up the shade Cassis from the Matte range which I’ve been coveting for a while.

Morphe Liquid Lipsticks (£6.00 with Code Exclusive50) (Monday Only Deal)
I wish I’d spotted this in my emails before I’d checked out, now I’d have to pay delivery to try one! Any new liquid lip formulas I’m keen to add to my collection and try and at £6.00 I wish I’d gotten one. Move Quick this deal is Monday only.

Zoeva Travel Mirror (£6.40)
This I did pick up! I hate going away and being left with a dressing table with no mirror, or a mirror that’s so far away that you can’t see what you’re doing and having to awkwardly hold a palette. This will give me full mirror privileges whilst also folding down and being pretty small and handy to carry around.

Makeup Geek Pans
Mattes/Shimmers £3.47
Duochromes £3.47
Foils £5.57
I absolutely love the Makeup Geek pans, at this price they almost can’t be resisted. The Duochromes I already all have, otherwise I’d totally be snagging up the rest of those. The foils are also great value for money. Well worth trying if you’ve been wanting too.

ABH Glow Kit in Aurora Glow Kit (£20.50 with code Exclusive50) (Monday Offer Move Quick)
On the site this is already heavily discounted, as are all the ABH Glow Kits, but this one has an additional offer with the code listed above to make it half price. Half Price glow kits are unheard of so it’s very tempting to snap one up.

Storybook Cosmetics
Wizardry and Witchcraft Palette £36.00
Rose Brush Set £36.00
Black Rose Brush Set £36.00
Storybook Cosmetics is a recent edition to the Beauty Bay site, so the fact it’s already on sale is incredible. Another range which will make absolutely beautiful gifts! The palette is perfect for the Harry Potter fan and the rose brush sets are just stunning.

Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette £32.00
I absolutely love my drenched metals VV palette, which no longer seems to be available on the site. But I’ve been tempted to get this for a while, If i’d not just got that Morphe palette which has some very similar tones I would have caved for this. Bargain price too!

That’s my first round of picks, I may have another scoot around the site later and add some more in! I was desperate to get it off. If you’ve been eyeing something on the Beauty Bay site, now is the time to get it! They’ve got some amazing deals in their Beauty Gift Sets collection which are worth checking out. If you just want a general mooch at the deals – check this page out!

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  1. November 20, 2017 / 7:50 pm

    Holy crap I need that Zoeva Plasir Box! I do not own any Zoeva palettes and that’s the perfect way for me to jump with both feet in! I wonder if it’s a good deal for us North Americans… I shall have to investigate.
    I honestly don’t have a ton of wish list items for Black Friday shopping – just starting to look into the offering to see if anything interests me. So far, not much. I’m mostly looking to buy clothes this year, actually.

  2. Little Blog By Rach💜
    November 20, 2017 / 11:45 pm

    Loved this post!

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