Art Naturals – Argan Oil Hair Mask Review

I was recently sent the Art Naturals Argan Oil Hair Mask* to try out and it sat on the floor of my shower for a good 2 weeks before I eventually got around to trying it. I’m not normally a fan of products which require effort, because I have a superb ability to be really lazy.


The Art Naturals Argan Oil Mask requires you to wash then towel try your hair (that means exiting the shower, getting changed, waiting X minutes, getting undressed, getting back in the shower). I grumbled a little at the thought of eventually doing this and eventually I bit the bullet and tried it out.

The mask is very thick in texture, and feels very nourishing, it has a little bit of a scent to the product which is quite natural – I wouldn’t say it’s a horrible scent, or a nice one. The formula is made up 100% Moroccan Oil, Aloe Vera and Jojoaba Oil designed to give your hair a softer look and feel, and enriched with keratin protein to smooth.


The first and second time I tried this I used what I would consider to be a normal amount of conditioner for long thick hair, which for me is essentially filling most of my palm with product. Whilst it left my locks silky, soft and smooth all body had gone from my hair so I turned to reviews online to see what others thought and people were using way less than I was. Trying again then with half my normal amount, it left my hair with all the same qualities as before, but with my normal bounce and volume that I was used to.

It is a little bit of a pain getting out of the shower for 15-20 minutes, so I’ve mastered a new technique of speed shampooing my hair, squeezing out all the water from my hair as best as I can – then applying this. Then I get on with everything else I need to do – so I normally combine this with shaving for example so I’m leaving the product on for as long as possible without physically having to leave the shower.


This is available from Amazon at about £12, high end – but not unaffordable, but I’ve seen it’s listed with a was price of £70. If you’ve stumbled on my review and are considering the was price for what ever reason – don’t – whilst this mask is good, it’s not significantly better than anything else that I’ve tried. For £12, I’d say it’s not too bad value for money as the pot is a little bigger compared to those from Herbal Essences or Tresseme for example.

What are your favourite Hair Masks?

*I was sent this to review as part of an online reviewer programme – however I was under no obligation to review for my blog.


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  1. Rosangela👑
    January 28, 2016 / 1:35 pm

    This is an amazing review! ❤

    • January 29, 2016 / 7:18 am

      I looked at the ones in lush when I last went in and found that some of them were full of sulphates which would have washed out my coloured hair at the time, might give them a go now I’m back to ombre! Is there one in particular you like? Xxx

      • January 29, 2016 / 9:59 am

        Oh that isn’t good! Yeah I love the ‘H’Suan Wen Hua’ hair treatment (weird name but it works!). Some people don’t like the smell, but I really do! haha 🙂 xxx

  2. Tou89Lou UK Lifestyle Blog
    February 3, 2016 / 4:18 pm

    I like Dr organics 100% Moroccan oil. I use it on my hair and face and will be featuring it on my Jan faves… it’s a lovely product from Holland and Barrett x

  3. October 14, 2017 / 9:44 pm

    “The Art Naturals Argan Oil Mask requires you to wash then towel try your hair (that means exiting the shower, getting changed, waiting X minutes, getting undressed, getting back in the shower).”

    So, why exactly did you need to get out of the shower and get changed then unchanged again? Wash and towel dry means exactly that. You only needed to pat your hair dry. You couldn’t have just sat around in a dressing gown for 15 minutes? Had a cup of tea or something? I’m not trying to criticise, I just don’t see the issue here.

    • October 15, 2017 / 11:51 am

      By get changed I did mean get into a dressing gown etc, personally I don’t like having to get in and out the shower, it’s not practical for me and means the whole process ends up taking more of my time.

      This is also a post that’s over 18 months old, I can’t remember the specifics now!

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