April Empties: Part 2

If you missed yesterdays part 1 of my April Empties, click here to catch up!


Gemspa Purifying Jade Body Scrub

This is quite a light scrub, I’ve mentioned it before, but as a scrub goes it doesn’t do the best job. This range smells gorgeous and is very affordable, but as you rub and massage into your skin, the grainy scrub melts and dissolves away, meaning you can’t really “get going” with it. Glad to see the batch of these gone from my shower!

Repurchase? No

Rodial Brazilian Tan in Light

I’m not a big fake tan wearer, and came to wear this recently applying to one and a half legs before I ran out before going on a night out! This gave a very natural looking light tan, that didn’t steak, was easy to apply although having to be careful as it’s a gel formula and faded naturally, no biscuity smell. or orangey hue. I’ve since tried the Cocoa Brown tan, and prefer a mousse formula as the application is quicker, and I feel I can be less precise and careful.

Repurchase? No – but this was a freebie and would happily use again if received.


Lancome Bi Facial Eye Makeup Remover

I’ve reviewed a mini of this before so will keep it short and sweet. Does a cracking job of removing any eye makeup. Does leave an oily feeling behind.

Repurchase? Not for the price

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

An old friend of mine, who I still very much love, I must have used over 10 of these in the past. I don’t love it any less, but I just want to start trying new things. I’m currently trying the Revolution Pressed poweder which is only £2 and is very reminiscent of this and products which are also more expensive to try out something different. The translucent one does a brilliant job of setting my foundation in place for a whole day, with no touch ups needed.

Repurchase? Not Currently, but would in future


Vichy Sample Size Serums

I liked the vichy serums that I tried, and I would consider purchasing one in the future. However, these are too small to really notice how each one performed compared to the other, or monitor whether they make any skin improvements long term.

Repurchase? I would consider purchasing one, but currently have other serums to use up first.

H20+ Hydrating Treatment

A moisturising gel type product, that I never thought I would actually like. I put this in my Bedside Beauty post and to be completely honest, it was a product which got completely forgotten. This feels very refreshing and makes the skin feel clean which is nice before jumping into bed, and I didn’t really think that a gel would help hydrate the skin but this actually does.

Repurchase? I would consider, but have the biggest stash of moisturisers to get through first.


L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Conditioner

I know I used this up, I have a feeling Ben might have thrown it away. I normally am a big fan of the Elvive shampoo and conditioners but this one disappointed me slightly. I felt that yes, it did make my hair feel more nourished, but it weighed my hair down slightly, and when I tried to use any additional products for styling it became “too much” and my hair became greasy faster.

Repurchase? No

Have you tried any of these products before?


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  1. April 29, 2015 / 4:37 pm

    I really like Vichy serums. I had a full sized version of one of their hydrating ones – very nice and would definitely recommend.
    Great job on using up products!

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