Amazon Beauty Haul – September 2020

Amazon Beauty Haul – September 2020

Just as I was getting back into the swing of blogging again, another life curveball came and hit me sideways again – I’ve spent the weekend trying to catch up on a backlog of PR products waiting to be photographed and putting some finishing details on posts in drafts. This time we’re here with a haul I made towards right at the end of August – I shop on Amazon for just about everything – it’s very rare that I shop for anything beauty related on there. I was lying in bed one evening minding my own business and spotted someone had posted about a couple of deals in the beauty category on Amazon, which lead me down a rabbit hole and placing an order at nearly 1am. I didn’t pick up loads as part of this Amazon Beauty Haul, but as someone who rarely shops on there for beauty I thought it would be interesting to share.

Elemis Berry Burst Face Mask

I needed another face mask like I needed a hole in the head to be honest, but I fancied a treat to myself and the price was an utter steal, reduced from £30 down to just £12. I didn’t do a heap of research on this but spotted that the star rating on this 4.5 stars and that was enough to convince me to try. This is a clay based mask with berries mixed in to aid in the overall antioxidant performance. I’ve used this a fair few times already and I’ll feature in a review soon.

As I’m writing this the price has raised a little but it’s still half price at £15. Affiliate link

Sanctuary Hot Cloth Cleanser

Another bargain reduced down from £12 to £2.99 – my cleanser stash is starting to run very low and I have only a couple of smaller travel sizes left in my cupboard. Whilst I’m trying to use everything up I am also aware how quickly I’m running through them. I always have 2 cleansers on the go at a time, one in the shower and one in my ensuite sink and I’ve not had anything shower suitable and thought this would be great. I’ve tried very little from the Sanctuary before and again, at the cheap price I couldn’t resist.

As I’m writing this which is 2 days before the price is still £2.99 I suspect it will raise soon. Affiliate link

Sanctuary Shower Oil

When I bought this I’d forgotten that I’d purchased a few shower gels and stocked up my cupboard a few weeks prior. I love a shower oil but what often puts me off buying them is that they are often a bit more expensive than I normally like to pay, my all time favourite one is the L’Occitane one but that comes in at around £20 per bottle (it’s also not a CF brand so I wouldn’t buy as of now), so when I spotted the Sanctuary one at £5.50 I thought it would be worth a whirl too, this has had a slight price drop to £5.25 as I’m writing this up. Affiliate link.

Join Organic Mango & Aloe Vera Shampoo

I managed to pick up a large bottle of my favourite conditioner from Tigi recently but they were all out of shampoo, my last dregs of my faithful Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo were coming to an end and I went on to amazon to try and repurchase to save me heading to a shop. The prices of the shampoo were ludicrous on there and this was a sponsored item sat at the top of the results, with almost all 5 star review and decided to give it a whirl. What I like about my trusted Aussie is that it nourishes my dry ends without overwhelming my oil prone roots – I’ve been using this for a few weeks and it does do the same, but I find my hair doesn’t seem to stay clean for as long – it might be better for someone with dry hair. At a mere £3.19 it’s a good price and comes in slightly cheaper than my Aussie. One thing to note is that my bottle bottom has popped out, it’s not a problem for me as mine sit hanging in a basket, but if you pop yours on a floor or a shelf it wouldn’t stand up if you have the same issue. The packaging label was also all ruffled when it arrived – not very impressive but it wasn’t expensive enough to complain. Affiliate link.

Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Nose Strips

I didn’t buy these for myself but Ben had said he had been wanting to pick some up. I looked at reviews of a fair few different brands on nose strips on Amazon. As a teenager I remember these being really effective, but I barely use them now as I find that most are “not like they used to be” and don’t seem to be great at grabbing all. I’ll definitely be stealing one of these to try as the reviews of this sounded more effective (one described them as weapons grade blackhead removal). At £2.49 they were one of the cheaper options on there too, and they’ve reduced in price as I’m writing this to just under £2. Affiliate link.

L’Oreal Colorista Ombre Hair Dye

I was scheduled to be in for a colour last weekend – my first since last September and my hairdresser cancelled on me with a week’s notice. I was desperate to do something with my grown out blonde that was looking very mousey towards the ends so I decided to pick this up. My only experience with the Colourista line was terrible a hair dye that should have turned my hair indigo turned my hair green, it was meant to last 12 washes and I was left with a nightmare trying to get it to shift just before my wedding. Thankfully having used it this was better it didn’t lift my hair to bleach blonde and has given a nice subtle tone, I have a little bit of patchiness on one side which I’m going to see if I can tone out, if not I’ll get another box and try again. Hair feels in really good condition though!

Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Pads

I finished a pack of cotton wool in my empties and whilst I try to avoid using single use cotton wool for makeup now I still use it for nails. I knew I was going to forget to pick up a pack as part of my weekly shop (I was right I totally did forget) so took a look to see whether I could add to my Amazon beauty haul, I was really surprised that there seemed to be a massive lack of options available. These ones were well rated and one of the better prices on affordability, but still more expensive than purchasing from somewhere like Boots/Superdrug/Supermarket/Wilkos. £2.15 for 100.  Affiliate link

Are you a shopper on Amazon for beauty or do you like me forget to take a peek at what bargains can be found? I hope you enjoyed my first Amazon beauty haul – I’m going to keep an eye and see what deals I can see in future.

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  1. September 21, 2020 / 10:42 am

    Sanctuary products are always a yes in my experience, great little haul✨🌹

    • rachael
      September 21, 2020 / 4:31 pm

      I don’t know why I always overlook them – going to pop the cleanser in my shower next!

  2. October 15, 2020 / 3:24 am

    I’ve never shopped for beauty on Amazon for some reason, except to get pure oils like jojoba. I always end up with giftcards and never know what to do with them, definitely will use this haul for inspo next time that happens!

    • rachael
      October 15, 2020 / 2:46 pm

      I have shopped very rarely- it’s just not the first place that ever comes to mind for some reason, I never struggle to use an amazon gift card though -t there’s usually some kitchen gadget on my wishlist!

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