Secret Scent Box August 2020

Secret Scent Box August 2020

[AD – Gifted] Whilst it’s been a little while since I did a blog post on Secret Scent Box thanks to taking a few months off blogging, Secret Scent Box have been kind enough to continue sending me monthly deliveries which have cheered me up at some pretty low points. I have started working on my “lockdown empties” and in true testament to how much I do love this subscription I think I’ve finished up around 14 vials! As normal I was really happy to see this month’s subscription drop through the letterbox.

As always a quick recap on the Secret Scent Box subscription for those who aren’t aware. Each month you receive three fragrances, they normally come in a variety of price points meaning there will be something to suit your wallet if there’s something you want to purchase at full size. I’ve discovered some fragrances that I’d never have probably even sniffed in Boots but have been impressed by and have a running list on my phone of ones I’ve loved when I’ve finished them so when I come to treat myself to a new fragrance I have a list of ones I’ve trialled and tested. They come really nicely boxed so would also make a lovely gift idea for a fragrance fanatic with note cards on each perfume included. Priced at £15 per month it is a little up there in price, but for me I really enjoy receiving them and as someone who loves and has a lot of fragrances and enjoys trying new things it’s really enjoyable.

Let’s jump into the talking about the perfumes included in the Secret Scent Box August 2020 edition.

Lancome La Nuit Tresor Nude

I did a little squeal when I saw this, I recently reviewed Dolce and Gabanna The Only One and spoke about how I wish I’d just put the money into buying an old favourite – La Nuit Tresor. This is a twist on that lovely gourmand perfume – this is a twist from the same line. With the first spray I could immediately tell the similarities between it with the same sweet vanilla base, but with fresh summery top notes of coconut and rose which complimented nicely. It’s a little fresher overall than my old favourite, but after wearing it a few times I’ve loved it. Due to it being a little lighter it doesn’t last as long as the original (which is days on scarves and clothes), but it lasts all day long which is good enough for me.

Valentino Donna Rosea Verde

Equally as summery but in a very different way, and is another recent introduction. My first thought on this was that it was very fresh and “green” scented, with floral notes at the heart alongside bergamot – but as it warmed on my skin I smelt a slight spiciness of ginger with warm base notes of amberette and mate. Overall I’d still describe this as fresh – but it’s not as “green” as I first thought which personally I prefer, whilst I use those kind of fragrances when I receive them they’re never my favourites and like it when they have a little of something else going on .

Stella McCartney Pop Bluebell

I’ve spoke in the past about how I’ve never owned a Stella McCartney fragrance and I’ve added one on my wishlist from a previous box, so I was happy to see another. I know Pop is a popular fragrance from SMC but I’ve not smelt it before. This is delightfully summery – it’s a super floral fragrance with bellflower, tuberose and frangipani at the heart of the perfume. The base notes are listed as sandalwood, cedar and musk and whilst if I really pay attention, I can smell them – it is most definitely a predominately floral perfume.

I really liked the Secret Scent Box August 2020 box, firstly all of the fragrances are perfect for summer and there’s three very different vibes with this, a gourmand, a green and a floral. I was particularly excited to see the Lancome perfume, but all three are perfumes at the mid to higher end price point and it’s made this box in particular excellent value for money.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these fragrances before in the comments below.

Secret Scent Box August 2020 was gifted in consideration for review. Thoughts and experiences are my own and 100% honest.

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