Glossybox September 2014

From my last glossybox review, where I thought it was going to be my last ever one, turning out I cancelled too late and had to pay for another box. So here’s my thoughts if any thing has changed.
My first comment would be, I love the boxes as much as the next person, but look how oversized they are for the product that is in the box. I can understand the boxes being massive when they have full sized body or hair products in, but when it’s a specially designed for one month, surely they could take into consideration resizing to keep to cost of p&p down? Mini-environmentalist rant over!

So here’s what I received!

Modelco more brows fibre gel

I’m sure some people will love receiving an eyebrow product, but my eyebrows need no more definition then they naturally have. I wasn’t necessarily disappointed to receive this as I know I’m in a minority. I did try it out of curiosity and they’re so dark I couldn’t see a difference. I will probably pass this onto my sister who was talking to me recently about her eyebrows needing help.
I question the price on this, it seems quite expensive for such a small product, but maybe that’s the going rate for brow products and I’m just not used to it! This is full size at £14.95

L’oreal Mythic Masque

Each box received the mythic masque or the mythic oil. I’m still working my way through a full size mythic oil I received in a Glossybox about 2 years ago, so I’m glad to have got the masque instead. I used this the other night and left on for 20 minutes, I wouldn’t say my hair feels too much different to a normal conditioner, but my hair has been cut recently and is in very good condition for a change. This little pot I will possibly get 3 more uses from, and may save the rest for when I go abroad in a few weeks time.
This is 15.50 for a 200ml sample.

Nails Inc Westminster Bridge matte top coat 

I must admit I groaned when I saw a matte topcoat, I’m not a massive fan of matte nails. But alas this evening I thought of an occasion to wear one for so trialled this out, and will do a full review later, but as a teaser, I’m not very impressed.
This was full size worth £12

Vichy Normaderm night detox and hydrating care

I’ve had this box for a few days and thought these were just day and night moisturisers. Turns out reading the card they are described for using ’round the clock for targeting adult blemishes’. The Hydrating care cream, should help reduce blemishes and make complexion appear radiant. Whilst The night detox aims to keep skin looking purified and balance excess sebum production (had to look that up, it’s to reduce oil production to you and me)
I’ve liked every Vichy sample I’ve had so far so I’m excited to try these but will be saving until my next breakout rather than wasting on my currently “good skin phase”.

Skin Pep

Now for me these are the most interesting. I just there was a bit more to try, these are pricey and I whilst I wouldn’t pay for something that was as expensive as this I would need to give it a good go first. I’m tempted to save these for just before I go on holiday, but don’t want to risk having a bad reaction, so may use one now, and save the rest until before if I see amazing results.
2 sachets of peeling gel, contains pineapple and papaya extract, gently exfoliates, creating soft and bright skin.
This is £89.99 for 180ml. You read that right. The sample sachets are 3.5ml each, the full size would equate to around 50 uses if that’s enough, which would equate to 1.70 per use, still quite pricey. I don’t know where the price comes for from these as they’re listed as 3.05 – so whether you can buy sample sachet somewhere I don’t know!
The eye cream claims to be a powerful dark circle eraser using anti oxidant ingredients to boost collagen in the delicate under eye area.
This is 44.99 for 15ml, and a 2ml sachet priced at 6.49 – I’m expecting some serious wizardry when I come to use this and I’m expecting to look like I’ve slept for 2 weeks solid. If a 2ml sample is what you need for 1 use – doesn’t sound too generous, then the full size is 7 1/2 uses. That would work out at 7.99 a use – which is more than the sachet. Confusing to say the least!


Overall I liked this box better than the past six months worth, I did wonder if I got a better box because I cancelled before they were dispatched and they were trying to get me to come back again, but reading other reviews and unboxing videos it does seem like it was a good box all round and everyone seemed to have at least 4 out of 5 of the same products. That being said, I would still rather spend my money elsewhere, I don’t think I have discovered anything here that is going to be life changing for me, the things I like the look of most I’m probably never going to buy because they are so expensive. I would never have bought the matte topcoat, brow product. The 2 things which really make up the value of the box.
It turns out I will now get one more Glossybox, as I have enough glossydots again to receive another freebie, it’s good in away, but I do feel like I’m dragging out the breakup! There is one product which they featured as a promo for next months box which everyone will receive which I am looking forward to trying out. Let’s see if next month to see if I’ve been convinced to stay or whether they went out with a flop! Have you tried any of these before?


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