Find Your New Signature Fragrance with Secret Scent Box

Find Your New Signature Fragrance with Secret Scent Box

This post is sponsored by Secret Scent Box. I think by now we all know that I’m partial to trying new subscription services which is why I was really excited to be contacted by Secret Scent Box to give their November Box a try for myself. 

I have never, and will never blindly order a fragrance to try – I’ll always have checked it out several times in a department store before I commit to purchasing. Despite that approach I have been burnt a few times before by things I’ve loved on paper sticks you spritz on in store versus the chemistry they have with my skin, What I like about Secret Scent Box is that you receive a monthly delivery of three new fragrances to try out, all to sample from the comfort of your own home. You may discover a new favourite of something that you would never normally pick out – I think everyone has trademark styles they are prone to gravitating more towards – I’m someone who leans to sweet, flora and gourmand fragrances – liking an added hint of spice when I want something more sultry, but it can help you discover something that’s out of your norm.

Secret Scent Box is a monthly delivery of three samples of perfume from high street and designer brands. Each vial is deceptively generous offering approximately 10 days of use each based on using 2-3 spritzes a day. I’d say I’m more of a 4-5 spritz kind of gal – but that’s still a good weeks worth of trying.

The scent vials arrive beautifully packaged in a postbox friendly sized box and the quality of the box that they arrive in is lovely – the vials sit in a velvet foam which means they transport to your home safely and are presented so nicely when opened. If you were looking to treat a fragrance fanatic to a gift (they have boxes for Men too), this would be a delivery which makes them giddy each month. The three vials are individually labelled and each come with a an accompanying card featuring information, featuring information about the fragrance, a picture of the full size bottle and what notes are inside.

I was intrigued to see whether a change in season would reflect what was inside the box, but all three of the fragrances featured in November’s edition seemed to be year-round friendly to me.

First up was Calvin Klein CKin2u for Her – This is a fragrance that I’ve owned in the past and liked, it’s a perfect every day fragrance that lays on the citrus side with fresh notes of bergamot and grapefruit hitting the nose first, with floral orchid and cactus notes revealing before it dries down warmer notes of amber and vanilla appear with. Whilst I’ve owned this before it’s been a few years and it was lovely to have a chance to re-try this.

Next up was Guess Girl, a perfume I’ve spied before as it comes in a beautiful pink bottle with a large flower stopper. I thought from the card this may be my favourite, I’m a sucker for Raspberry anything, and this has top notes of Raspberry, Melon and Bergamot which are counterbalanced with floral notes of Orchid, Lily and Black Locust flower. It’s sweet and feminine and feels the most summery of the three. I however haven’t found it the longest lasting on my skin, whilst it does last well on clothing. It was a nice every day scent to try out for me, it was sweet and feminine without being sickly.

Finally my surprise favourite was Dolce and Gabbana The Only One – I doubt I would have even been drawn to pick this up in the shop as the bottle is simple and quite plain, but I’ve loved wearing this one. The description tells me that this one is a newer launch for 2018 and is described as hypnotising, something that strangely I can understand after wearing it. First off it has fantastic longevity – I can smell this on clothes for days after wearing. But the notes make this a real transitioning perfume revealing different layers through the day. Top notes of violet and bergamot make it a luscious blend of floral and citrus, whilst warm coffee and Iris notes balance each other out before softening with vanilla and Patchouli. It’s well balanced and the perfect scent for Autumn and Winter for me.

I was really impressed with this edit of fragrances and loved that I discovered a fragrance I would have been highly unlikely to try without the arrival of this box. This subscription would make a fantastic gift for someone who you don’t know what to buy them for and you can send them an almost a month’s worth of fragrances to try. I also think this is lovely for those who are on the go a lot and it’s the perfect size to tuck into a pocket or into the tiniest of handbags – which is great in particular for party season at this time of year.

If you’d like to subscribe you can find Secret Scent Box here, monthly deliveries are £15.00 (there are longer prepaid 6 and 12 month subscriptions available) and include free delivery to anywhere in the UK or Europe.

Have you discovered Secret Scent Box yet?

This post was kindly sponsored by Secret Scent Box. Thoughts and Experiences are honest and based on my experience with the products.


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  1. November 21, 2018 / 7:41 am

    This is a good idea for a subscription box! The Calvin Klein and D&G fragrances sound really nice 🙂 Do you get to choose the scents for each box and can you get a repeat in another box if you like one in particular?

  2. November 21, 2018 / 10:09 pm

    This sounds like a great way to try new scents without committing to a full size. Sounds like a nice mix as well.

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