Makeup Revolution Brush Cleaner Review

My most hated beauty chore is cleaning my makeup brushes, I’m a lover of using Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap, which does a fantastic job, but it will take me an hour to wash them all, plus then waiting fom them to dry can be a right pain. This is a spot cleaner, so it’s great for in between doing your deep cleaning .


So let’s start with some dirty brushes, a blush, eyeshadow brush covered in dark brown, gel eyeliner, bronzer and fluffy blending brush.


Spray directly onto the brush 4-5 times for large brushes, 2 – 3 for small eyeshadow brushes. Don’t over drench the brush, a little is usually enough.


Swirl the brush in a circular motion onto kitchen roll, if your brush has a lot of excess product, or is very dark as I’ve found in the case of the eyeshadow brush with brown on it, you might need to repeat the steps again.


Ta da! Brushes are nice and clean, not drenched at all, although a tiny little bit damp I’ve been able to use brushes straight after cleaning before and got away with it.


The product I’ve found that it struggles most with is gel eyeliner, however the Maybelline gel eyeliner I use is very stubborn to remove as once it’s in place it totally sticks. I’ve found that using this straight away while the product hasn’t completely dried on the brush makes it easier to remove. And the stubborness of the product is something that happens with Dr Bronners, as well as everything else I’ve ever tried!


 This is a great product, and has made me clean my brushes much more regularly, it’s anti-bacterial so it is killing any germs lingering on your brushes. For me, I’ve been buying more and more makeup brushes, because I don’t have time to wash and wait for them to dry, and now I have no excuse as I can clean and use them instantly. I have in the past used the MAC Brush Cleanser for spot cleaning, and I think I might prefer this. £5 for 200ml compared to £11 for 280ml from MAC – and this has a spray top so is handier to use too, and less wasted product in my opinion!

How do you like to clean your brushes?


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13 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Brush Cleaner Review

  1. Sounds lovely, might have to try this. I don’t even mind the cleaning that much, just finding time to do it and letting them dry can be a pain 😉
    xxx Anne


    1. Yes, when I do have a spare hour – I don’t tend to think, ‘ooh I can’t wait to clean my brushes!’, and when I do – I’ll normally come to still find them wet the next day! This is great though, takes all of the waiting and easier to do ‘as I go’! Rachael xxx


  2. This looks like a great product to use! The last time I cleaned my brushes I used Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and before that I used the Elf Brush Shampoo. Both worked pretty well! 🙂 xo


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