Face Mask Friday #48 – Ooharr Dead Sea Cooler Face Mask

A few weeks ago I was offered the chance to pick out a mask from the brand Ooharr, who sell a selection of single use masks online, and they come at a bargain price too, so naturally I was curious, most of my favourite masks are on the pricier end of a spectrum, so I was interested to see whether a cheaper mask could compete with the best.

The mask I selected was the Dead Sea Cooler mask after a little look online I decided that might be the best for my oilier complexion, being the one for Deep Cleansing. They also have a Rosie Glow mask for Deep Cleansing, however I felt that the ingredients list would work better for my skin with the Dead Sea Cooler. Other masks included Star Glow, a skin polisher, Juicy Burst – a nourishing cream, and Fruity Magic a rejuvenating cream, so there’s a bit of something for every body.

Ooharr’s masks are made from natural ingredients and claim to harness the power of natural active ingredients, and are developed by Amphora Aromatics, a brand I’ve tried a few deodorants from in the past. The sachets are £1.20 a pop so are nice and affordable.

I applied the mask as instructed onto freshly washed and dried face, just post shower so all my pores were nice and open from the heat and ready to absorb the goodness from the mask. I found that the mask applied and spread well with a lovely creamy texture an the 15ml sachet actually went further than one application. The mask does dry when you apply so you’d want to use a second application of this pretty quickly, or as I did smear it on Ben’s face to make sure it didn’t go to waste.

The mask contains Peppermint, Witch Hazel and Tea Tree so applying to the skin it felt very cooling initially and then had a slight tingling sensation for the first few minutes. Once that died down again the mask felt cooling as it dried off over 20 minutes or so. The mask had a slight grittiness to it which was caused my Dead Sea Salt to exfoliate the skin, the contents of this was quite minimal and I felt that to notice it as an exfoliator when rinsing away it didn’t have enough in to feel as if it made a difference.

The mask rinses away easily with hot water, once the skin has been towel dried and face patted down with a towel the skin felt soft and smooth thanks to the added Argan oil. The next day I noticed that my skin felt pretty oily, it was as if the ingredients was continuing to encourage the impurities out of my skin, but the following few days after that my skin felt pretty clear and oil free.

The only downside to these masks is their availability, quite often when I want to target a specific skin problem I’ll nip into somewhere and pick something, but these are only available online on the Ooharr website, and as the masks are so affordable you’d want to pick up several at once to warrant an online order. They’re worthy of being stocked on the highstreet, so I hope to see them in stores soon, as I’d love to try more.

Have you tried Ooharr before?

*Item sent for review purposes, thoughts my own and reflective of my experience with the product.


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