A Mini Stila Birthday Haul – W7 Outlet Springfields

A couple of weeks ago I stopped into my local CCO to see that they had expanded their Stila section. Luckily I was in a rush to get to an appointment so the temptation to spend whilst on my no-buy was controlled by my need to get to the bank. There was however a couple of items I spotted and when I was given some money for my birthday from my Mum, whilst I was good and put most of it in the bank, there were a handful of items I saw that I wanted to go back to take a look at so that’s what I did over the weekend.

Stila Gliteratti Lip Topper in Transcend – £6.00 (RRP £18.00)

I’ve eyed these lip toppers for a while, but at full price for how often I would wear them I felt like I couldn’t justify them. They only had one shade available in this – but it’s perfect for me in that rosy pink that will layer beautifully over most my lipsticks and liquid lips. This is way more subtle than I was expecting it to be and I think it’s going to look really pretty!

Stila Bright and Bold Liquid Lipstick Set – £8.00 (RRP £18.00)

I thought this might have been a past limited edition item at Christmas, but nope I was wrong this is currently available online for £18.00. I’ve been yet to try the Stila Liquid Lips and these have been the first ones they’ve had in store. For £8 for three decent sized minis I thought it was a deal too good to pass up and I snapped them up. The set contains a trio of brights – red, pink and a lilac and I can’t wait for some more summery weather to get them on my lips!

Stila Most Wanted Beautiful Eyes Eyeliner Set – £8.00 (Unsure of RRP, I think £18 looking at other sets!)

I believe this is a set which has been discontinued. I haven’t posted my review of the liquid liner yet, but this mini I thought would be a great size for travel, but even alone the smudge stick was good value. This set is no longer available online (in this colour way) – but it contains a gorgeous full size bronze liner which I will use in my waterline once I’ve finished up my other favourite from Stila, Espresso which is on my Spring use up list. Another fantastic value set.

Beauty Outlet Makeup Brush Cleanser – £1.99

When I saw a spot-cleanser for £1.99 I had to give it a try, they’re so expensive and I hate buying them! Sadly this is a bit shit from my tests so far. It’s like a token gesture of removing any pigment that seems a bit loose but anything that’s really worked in doesn’t lift off at all. Sadly, not a budget product that works.

Directions Midnight Blue Hair Dye (Unpictured) – £3.99

I ran out of blue dye to top up my hair so I picked up another as my hair is fading super quick. Whilst I’ve nailed making the perfect shade of blue, I don’t think my hair is bleached enough to hold onto the pigment and I’m having to redye it and top it up every 7-10 days!

Swatches – Stupidly I didn’t swatch the Glitterati Lip Topper!

I was really happy with my haul and was so surprised it all came in at under £30! I do love my local CCO and I hope they keep adding to their Stila Collection! I was tempted by a foundation – but I’m really at capacity for those at the moment and I’m trying to use some up before I buy more.

What have you treated yourself to lately?


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26 thoughts on “A Mini Stila Birthday Haul – W7 Outlet Springfields

  1. Some great bargains, sounds like they have some good discounts. I haven’t been to Springfield’s for ages, so tempted to make a trip soon as this shop wasn’t there last time I visited. The lip topper looks so pretty and sparkly 😍 I love the liquid Lipsticks, hope you like the formula too.


      1. The body shop outlets are always dangerous. There’s one in Wales when I visit family and I have to make sure I don’t buy those big bags they do at discount prices! I have never been into a W7 outlet so that’s definitely one I’d go to. Maybe I’ll plan a trip when I have things I want to look for, sounds dangerous for my bank balance to just wander round 😆


  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE Stila!! Loved this post! I too can spend lots of money in a makeup store if given the time! Interested in seeing the lip topper on one of those Stila shades you purchased! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am always tempted to try Stila products but just haven’t got round to it. These sound great and what wonderful discounts too. 😱 I wouldn’t be able to say no either. 😁


  4. I always complain about not having CCOs near me but I think it’s actually a GOOD thing. Can you imagine how I would be? 😆 But you got such good deals!
    I’m a fan of the Stila liquid liner – if I wasn’t so hooked on my Japanese ones, that would be my top pick from Western brands. Enjoy your goodies!


    1. I’m glad that this one isn’t that good in a way, it’s mostly w7 and discontinued drugstore. Stila is the star of the show so it keeps me controlled 😂
      I like the Stila one, but it’s not my favourite – but got the price it was a set too good to turn down!


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