The Bloggers Made Me Do It Haul

I bought a few things again this week, and these purchases are mostly credited to other bloggers (or being blamed on). So thanks guys, this is your fault.

Robowecop – Blamed for Models Own Lix in Pink Mint

I was over on Rihanna’s instagram stories and she posted about this lip colour which looked absolutely gorgeous, I hopped onto ASOS and used my Premier and a £5 voucher to get it to me the next day for £1. This is a gorgeous shade, and it’s got a proper mint taste and scent to it. It’s a uber bright pink that’s got me channeling summer vibes already. I wore this briefly on Friday night when it arrived and it was so comfortable and lasted really well through eating so I’d already made up my mind I wanted more.

Rose Beauty Files – Blamed For Nip & Fab Glycolic Facial Scrub

Post East Midland’s blog meetup, a few of us hit the shops for a little bit. Molly said this was her favourite facial scrub and I’ve been out of facial scrub completely since January. Nip+Fab was on the same crazy offer that it was when I  bought a few pieces from thee Glycolic pieces 2 weeks ago, so I snapped it up whilst it was still on offer as I’d been liking the range so far.

Sophie in Wonderland – Blamed for Models Own Lix in Raspberry Mojito & Barry M Polish in Fashion Icon

Now I’m sure that Sophie would in fact blame me for the fact she bought a Models Own Lix, but if I’d not been swatching them with her and showing her them… then I probably wouldn’t have bought one right in that moment – haha (sorry Sophie). Raspberry Mojito is a gorgeous dark pink shade that I’ll get a lot of wear from all year round.

Sophie was also showing me the Barry M polishes that she loved as I haven’t bought a polish from them in probably 18 months when I spotted this one. A stunning duo-chrome glitter with holo glitter in it too. I can’t wait to try this one out. Must stop buying polishes now and actually review them.

FiveZero – Blamed For Guerlain Polish in Lilac Belt & YSL Polish in Jade Imperial

My local department store is closing for refurbishment and clearing all of it’s stock, ready for fresh lines to come in. I of course made a bee-line for the beauty department on it’s first day of clearance to try and get the best deals I could.

I absolutely fell in love this nail polish I bought in the January Sales from Guerlain in the old style packaging (and formula…? I’m not sure on that one) and Chris @ Fivezero has had me crushing over the new style bottles since she’s been featuring them. I picked up the shade Lilac Robe which is a gorgeous bright pink plum – I’m also going to partially blame Stashy for the colour as she’d featured a similar colour on her blog the day I went shopping (OPI Dim Sum Plum). Joint influencers.

Lastly I picked up my first YSL polish in the shade Jade Imperial. I was sure when I picked this up I’d heard Chris haul it or review it, so this was the one I chose from the bunch – cause that gal has great taste in polish. Luckily I quizzed her on my return, and yes she does own Jade Imperial. It’s a gorgeous creamy sage green.

Guerlain Python Bag Lipstick

I have no one to blame, for this other than the department store’s silly prices. Reduced down from £22.50 to £9.75, I snapped this up big time. A gorgeous neutral shade that remind me of MAC Whirl with a gorgeous sparkle scattered loosely through out! I couldn’t resist it for the price.

I hope that’s the last of my shopping for the month, and I think I’m going to attempt a total no buy next month to help both my purse, and me catch up with the reviews as I’ve had a lot of new things come in since Christmas!


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40 thoughts on “The Bloggers Made Me Do It Haul

  1. So much haulage! ❤
    Haha I love how you blame both fivezero and myself in one. 😛
    The Barry M Polish in Fashion Icon is stunning! I might have one similar to it from Sephora Formula X line.
    I still haven't succumbed to the new Guerlain polishes / lipsticks yet. I'll likely redeem my points for them this year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It becomes so easy to be influenced by other bloggers after having read reviews on their blogs. I know it immediately sends me into an I-want-to-spend frenzy at times.
    These products look lovely! I am especially intrigued by the YSL polish and the Guerlain polish.
    Great post!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. That guerlain packaging is so pretty! 😍 I have seen the models own lix but have so many gloss type products, I may be tempted by the darker colour though after my declutter I have planned if i have nothing like it.


  4. Hah this is such a great idea!! I think Rihanna is also convincing me to get Models Own Pink Mink, and now I can blame Sophie for Raspberry Mojito… But I am definitely blaming you for both!! Great read xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love Nip+Fab products too, they have a leg toner that I have been using recently which has really decreased the appearance of cellulite! That Barry M nail polish is stunning, I want to paint my walls with it!
    I was a little confused by the lipstick at first, I thought it was black! Looks a lovely shade though!
    Sherry x


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