The Budget Shadow Primer That Rivals Urban Decay

Just before Christmas my eyelids were being really irriatated by something, I couldn’t figure out what it was and I began changing up my eyeshadow brands daily wondering what it was. I finally decided to cut my trusty Urban Decay shadow primer out of my routine and the symntoms vanished, so I went off to the my local town centre (where I am not spoilt for choice in the slightest), and picked up a product from MUA which I’d heard nothing about before.

I should start my mentioning whatever was wrong with me and UD Primer Potion has since passed, I’ve picked it up weekly since and we’re getting along fine again, but not quite as well as me and this little gem are. I know MUA has a devoted base of fans, but I look at the counter over and over and end up not enticed to try anything, when I purchased this I chose it out of necessity as my Boots had nothing and Superdrug was even worse so picked up the cheapest thing I could find to tie me over, and the MUA Luxe Bright and Lighten Primer came in at £3, reduced down from £5.

The packaging of the MUA Luxe range is surprisingly nice, in a heavy acrylic tub with golden lettering on top and a black capped lid with a lovely large fluffy doe-foot wand inside. The coverage of this isn’t heavy, in fact it’s very similar to the UD’s PP, which adds a bit of brightness and colour corrects slightly, the formula is much thinner feeling in comparison and spreads across the lid with greater ease.

On to the important parts, how it performs with the shadow. For about thirty seconds after applying the primer has a slightly tacky feeling, but after that’s soon faded it feels nice and silky and shadow applies well on top of it, and blends out easily. And now for the big one, how it makes eye shadow last. I’ve been using this for my work day makeup from pre 8AM and I get to the end of the workday (6.30pm by the time I get home) and it’s still clinging all my shadow into place perfectly by the end of the day. I literally don’t have a bad word to say about this, it works perfectly.


At £5 I think this is a bargain, let alone the £3 I picked it up for – i’s currently on offer in Superdrug at the reduced price, if you’re in the market for a new primer I recommend picking it up while you can. After testing this I’m going to be taking some more gambles on MUA in the future, and I’m definitely going to be giving a try to the two liquid lipsticks that are sitting unloved.

What is your go to eye primer?


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22 thoughts on “The Budget Shadow Primer That Rivals Urban Decay

    1. I’ve visited our essence counter this weekend and it’s all nail stuff, nail art, nail polishes. We don’t have that highlighter, and I didn’t see any primers either! Elf isn’t very easy to get here, they closed the online store and reopened it a year later with triple high prices so I’m immediately turned off to try anything from ELF now!


  1. I have been using one I picked up in Superdrug from the Freedom makeup range and that seems to work well, however after reading this review I might have to go pick up this product. I also like the MUA luxe bronze and sculpt contour kit I think it is, the matte bronzer is beautiful and applies so nicely on me.

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  2. This sounds like a wonderful product! I quite enjoy using the Essence I ❤ Color Intensifying eyeshadow base. It works really well to intensify colour, as the name suggests, and to keep eyeshadow in place all at a budget price.

    MUA seems to be doing really well with making good products lately. Their products aren't available here so I am yet to try them but I am certainly intrigued.


  3. I had a bad reaction to the UD eye primer. It made my lids irritated, itchy, and so dry that even after I stopped using it (stopped after just a few days), that dry skin was peeling off my lids on a daily basis. Pretty gross. It went on like this for months and nothing I used (eye creams, Vaseline, etc) could stop it. Finally I tried some stuff my mom gave me from her dermatologist that fixed my super dry elbows. It worked. Cleared up my lids with 2 or 3 days. I’ll never use the UD eye primer again. I like the ones from ELF, Essence, Milani, Lorac & Too Faced though.

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  4. I just saw one of ur stories …
    U should do video
    i know u have no time and are getting married and will have blue hair soon
    just sayin
    love the feel of ur vids
    Love and getting more unhinged by the nanosecond x

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  5. This is such a bargain and the packaging looks more high end than £5!! Definitely want one of these i wish I’d got this yesterday when we were in Superdrug now! Xxx


  6. Ooh sounds really interesting! I love finding a bargain that works really well – my current favourite is either the toofaced shadow insurance or the MAC paintpots! xx


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