eBay Haul

I don’t know why but I’ve been perusing eBay late at night recently and I’ve staggered across a few things which I absolutely needed for no reason what so ever. These have been ordered over the past month, with a couple of items coming from China, I’ve had to wait for them all to arrive!

MAC Oval 6 Brush Dupe – £2.75


Thanks to Stash Matters I needed to try this out, the MAC Oval brushes are amongst the most talked about at the moment but I’m not in a place where I want to spend that much money on a brush with the wedding to pay for. It’s important to note that these aren’t identical to the MAC ones, the sizes are slightly different, finish is different and in Stashy’s comparison she noted that this needed more product than MACs, but it’s a good way to test the concept if you’re unsure like I am.

Eat Cake for Breakfast Watch (Kate Spade Copy) – £2.16 (link)


I forgot to take a picture of this, while doing this, so the insta one will have to do. I only own one watch, which I love that Ben bought me from Michael Kors a few years ago. At the moment I haven’t been wearing it as often as a chunky watch has been really annoying me. I liked the slogan of this and then I saw the little spade at 12 and thought, hmm – is it and yes it’s a Kate Spade dupe. There was a few different strap options but I went for white as I’ve been lusting after a white strapped watch for ages and will look good in the summer with a tan. When it arrived I did have to laugh, the face is mother of pearl as opposed to the plain white it was on the listing, also – it’s also missing a number 6, according to the seller that’s their own unique design. or a massive fucking balls up. Got a 50p discount making this watch only £1.56. Bargs.

Neckline Trainer – £5.99


You’re probably all going to laugh at me, but I am so curious about this. I’m doing lean in 15 and one thing I’ve always been most subconcious about is a bit of a flabby neck… how do you lose weight from your neck, well hopefully with this neckline trainer! I might do some before and after pictures of using this, so far I’ve had this for two weeks and haven’t got around to putting a spring inside it!

Chloe Faye Style Bag – £7.99 (link)



This seems to be the hot bag of the moment and I do really love this style. There is no way in hell I can justify buying the real thing with a wedding to pay for, but I can afford a little splurge for £7.99. This is also available in a rust colour and black, but I thought the grey would be the best coming into spring. The inside of this is pretty handy actually, with one large  compartment in the middle and a very small and medium sized pocket either side. For the price it’s actually okay!

Marble/Copper Phone Case – £5 (link)


As much as I love my GoCustomized phonecase, I’m a phone dropper and over the past few months I’ve dropped this case a lot and it’s got a little crack on the side and I want to be able to change to use it in the future. This case is so blogger on trend. It was a little pricier than what I’d normally spend on an ebay case, but the quality of it is definitely superior!

Marble Phone Case – £1.99 (link)


I couldn’t decide between the above phone case and this one, I decided to break the blogger trend of white/grey marble with this ‘beige’ colour marble. I’m so unique!

Are you an eBay shopper? What are your favourite eBay finds? Let me know in the comments


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26 thoughts on “eBay Haul

  1. Love the watch. I totally didn’t notice the 6 was missing ’til you said. Shiws how obseravant I am lol. Btw please do a neck trainer review. I’m fairly slim but have a bit of a flabby bit under my chin. Would love to know if it works😂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I never think to shop on Ebay but your post has inspired me to have a good look on there! Can I ask, how do you go about making purchases? Do you browse categories or search for specific things? L x


  3. I am not usually into IT bags, but I completely adore the Chloe Faye bag. It looks so minimal, comfortable and my style. Too bad for the price tag :/ but £7.99 is not bad for a similar looking one!


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  4. I hope you’ll like that toothbrush face brush concept!
    I have a t-shirt that reads: donuts for dinner 😆
    That purse was only £7.99! What. It looks way more expensive than that!
    eBay is so fun… and dangerous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is before you know it you have a handful of items that are cheap that add up to a lot all together!
      It has photographed really well, the metal is a little garish wh oh is a shame as the rest of it is really nice quality, for £7.99 it’s fine!
      I’ve only remembered to use that brush a couple of times and actually I have enjoyed it so far!
      Donuts for dinner and cake for breakfast! Sounds like a dream/diabetic nightmare!


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