10 Times Cheaper: MAC Amber Times Nine Dupe from W7

This weekend I had a little time to do some browsing in between running errands around town at the same time. I popped into the W7 Store to have a little look and 1. I spotted a whole discounted Stila counter (I walked away empty handed – pat on the back for me) and 2. I spotted this and I just had to take it home.


Straight up I knew this W7 The Naughty Nine palette was pretty close to my MAC Amber Times Nine palette which I reviewed back in March, a palette which was nice, but far from perfect with iffy pigmentation on half the shades. This W7 Palette was only £3.49 and I couldn’t help but see how they compared at almost a tenth of the price of the MAC version at £30.


This is a blatent rip off of the MAC times 9 collection they’ve not even really bothered to change the packaging from one one another, they looked virtually the same side by side, the size of the palette, the pans – the only noteable difference was the hinge at the back. Onto what you want to see, shade comparison.


Left: MAC Georgia Peach – The W7 Shade has better pigmentation but the MAC one is better for a transition shade

Winner – Depends on use, I’d still say W7

Middle: MAC Kitties – The W7 Shade is slightly warmer more golden toned than MAC’s Kitties, but they are still definitely similar.

Winner: Tough choice, I think I prefer MACs

Right: Mac Cosy Grey This is probably the most noticeable shade difference in the palette, W7 is lighter and more grey toned, MAC is more browny pink toned and slightly darker. The pigment is easily more buildable in the W7 Versionm the MAC here took 2/3 swipes to get it that opaque, W7’s was just one.

Winner: Formula of W7’s is better


Left: MAC Cork – Much better pigmentation on W7’s version of Cork and looks much more like the full size original rather than the weak pigmented version they put in the Times 9 Palette.

Winner: W7

Middle: MAC Creative Copper – The shimmer in MAC’s version seems to catch the light a little nicer than W7’s if I’m being hyper critical, but you can barely distinguish one from the other

Winner: MAC If i’m being picky

Right: MAC Ricepaper – MAC’s Ricepaper is a lot more a subtle wash of colour where as W7’s packs a bigger punch of pigment but is a little chalkier. Depends what you prefer as to which wins but I think W7 Wins this for me as it’s more easily built up to pack a punch or blended out to a more subtle look

Winner: W7


Left: MAC Pepper Please – In my MAC version post Pepper Please and Aromatic swatched much better than they are here something just seems to have not agreed with them and they wouldn’t come off better no matter how much I tried. The glitter in MAC’s Pepper please (whilst you can’t see it here) but you can in the original post is much more noticeable, but the base pigment of W7 is better. I have little call for a glittery matte shade that I would use in my crease… so W7 hands down is the better of the two

Winner: W7

Middle: Aromatic – This was always the most disappointing from the MAC palette for it, it’s hard to work with and when you’re working with it . I’d say W7’s comes off warmer toned, but it’s quite hard to tell with W7 having decent pigment and MAC’s not – if it had the same intensity they might be more similar as they look closer in tone in the pan.

Winner: W7

Right: Don’t Tell – This is my favourite shade from the original palette, they are quite similar and it’s only really on close inspection you can see the difference. The metallic sheen on W7’s pure gold, MAC is much denser with Gold, Silver, Bronze and the odd speck of blue as well.

Winner: I prefer the denser colour in MAC and the different flecks of glitter

Results: MAC 3 Wins, W7 6 Wins

The pigmentation of the W7 Polishes as a whole are a lot better than the MAC ones, the formulation is a little chalkier and has a more fallout, but I’d take better pigmentation for the cost of fall out as you’re applying, it’s important to note they don’t fall out on me with primer during the day.


I’m now actually considering selling my MAC palette, but I’m torn whether to or not as it was bought with a gift voucher from my old work so holds some sentimental value… but equally I can see me reaching for the other over this. The only shade here that I think I will truly miss is Don’t Tell which annoyingly is one of the colours which are exclusive to this palette, not available in the full line up from MAC.


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71 thoughts on “10 Times Cheaper: MAC Amber Times Nine Dupe from W7

  1. What an interesting comparison, a little bit surprised W7 had more wins than MAC but I can understand why after your review. Just shows you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to get a good product 🙂 xx

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    1. That MAC has had a fair bit of criticism – It has some of their permanent shades in their such as Cork which has no where near the pigmentation of a full size pan. At £30 it’s certainly cheaper at buying 9 Full size MAC shades here, but equally with the likes of Urban Decay Naked palettes at £36 with more colours and bigger pans it doesn’t provide great value for money – the only thing it is good for is travel because of it’s size. Add to that a £3.49 version of the palette does a much better job adds insult to injury!

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  2. Wow I was eyeing up what I think was this palette a few weeks ago and admiring how pretty it looked. Now I know its not worth the $$$!

    Can’t believe how similar the two are – what a great dupe you’ve found!

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  3. What an AMAZING dupe!!! WOW.
    I can’t believe how much better the pigmentation is on the W7 version of some of the shades too. I often find the colours MAC includes in palettes are a pale imitation of the single pans – really insulting to the customers. W7 is my new favourite brand that I need to try to get my hands on. Why are all the good drugstore brands from the UK!!!
    I say keep the MAC palette – there ARE times where a less pigmented colour comes in handy. I personally much prefer a less pigmented highlight colour.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. We definitely have some good drugstore brands here, but so do you! W7 isn’t actually that accessible here, we can’t get it in Boots or Superdrug – and I just happen to live near a W7 outlet store so I’m lucky, but I wouldn’t know where there’s another outlet in the entire country! This was my first MAC palette and it’s a big let down. I had been eyeing the preset 15 palettes but now I don’t want to feel the same disappointment that I had with this on a larger scale!

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    2. I think Sleek is also a good dupe for MAC’s single eye shadows. They have such high pay off and CRAZY pigment. Their version of MAC’s ‘bronze’ is really good (looks more like the earlier generation of bronze than the new ones).

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      1. Sleek is also another UK brand! I can’t get that here. 😦 I’ve had a shopping list of items I’ve wanted to buy for ages. I’m waiting for a sale or a free shipping event on their site. Right now it’s a minimum of $85.

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      2. Ops… er… well, I am sure there’re some CA/USA ones. All Sleek products are made in China. Maybe that will cheer you up? How about NYX? You get that in CA, right? They’re pretty decent. I have swatched their concealers and contour cream stick.

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  4. This was a really good post! You can tell a lot of time and effort has gone into writing this so thank you! I’ve heard a lot of negative posts about the Times Nine palettes so i’ve always avoided them but the w7 one looks great! By the way, i have the full size of MAC Cork and that has really off pigmentation too so maybe it’s just that shadow in general! xxx

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  5. Wow! It looks exactly alike! So good to know 🙂 I have the Burgundy times nine palette by Mac, wonder if there is a dupe out there for that one as well!

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  6. So glad I have seen this as i was considering buying this pallet from Mac, so definitely going to get the W7 one now. Thankyou, you have saved me so much money 🙂

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  8. Wow, I can’t get over just how similar these are! W7 absolutely slayed it in the dupes department. I will always love my high end beauty (unashamedly a bit of a beauty snob) but this is an absolute no brainer! I’ll be picking this up when I spot it on a shelf. Great post gorgeous xx


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