No Spend June!

How is it that we’re already in June? This year is flying by way too quickly for my liking! This month is my first no buy or no spend month.

I’ve had an expensive end to the last month, currently my house is all about project BBQ. Myself and my boyfriend have taken it upon ourselves to self build a BBQ, Pizza oven and complete new patio area in our garden. Something that sounds relatively basic – but is costing a small fortune. We’re talking I could have gone on a swanky all inclusive holiday for how much I’ve spent I spent on slabs at the weekend.

I’ve got a lot of hopefully fun posts planned, including doing a stash stocktake of everything I have, and maybe have a clear out along the way too – bar nail varnishes, that’s a month’s worth of posts in itself!

I’m still going to receive my beauty boxes hopefully that will curb any need I have to make purchases, hopefully theres no awesome limited edition products out that will cause me to break the ban. I’ve had a quick look through my stash and I think I have everything that I need to last me through the month, hopefully I will have a nice big empties post at the end of the month showing the fruits of my efforts. I do have a few bits from an online order at Pixi that I placed in May, and a few items from Boots and Superdrug from the past few weeks to group together for a haul- I’ll feature those but they will feature as a haul tomorrow but were bought in May.

I’m going to attempt to also not buy any clothes etc either, but don’t hold me to that, I might not be able to keep to both!

Hope you have a good week! If you’ve attempted a no spend and have some tips let me know!


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Helpless Whilst Drying


29 thoughts on “No Spend June!

    1. Day one and I’m already looking through MACs website! Have you seen the new ‘freedom’ brand that’s launching from the people behind revolution – I hope it launches next month not this one as that will probably be guaranteed failure!


      1. Yeah I had an email from them about it but haven’t seen any products yet! I’m booking a holiday tonight so that should help stop me spending too 😆 going to need money for then after all x


      2. To Amsterdam for a week with some friends from school! Already excited haha, got to pay my car insurance next month too, so really need to cut out spending these next few months!x

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      3. Car insurance is the worst though, because I never know how much it will be! Makes it difficult to budget.
        I went 4 years ago for a few days with a friend and we really liked it. Said then it’d be fun to go back with a bigger group and see more so I’m pretty excited to finally go again! It’s not too expensive although the museum entries can be a lot x


  1. Ahhh – I reeeeeeally need to jump on the band wagon with ya Rachael!!! Could I opt for a part no spend June?!?! A wee trip to MAC at the weekend would have been lovely 😉 *sigh* Karen x


  2. Amazing goal! Project BBQ, yeah! 😀

    May I interest you in doing this Tag?

    Also, I keep my stash in a spreadsheet, which I post about here:

    And here’s my post with tips on how to survive a no-buy:

    (I’m on a yearlong no-buy, so I understand!) ❤


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