Face Mask Friday #7 – Balance Me Radiance Face Mask

The Balance Me Radiance face mask is something that I’ve had in my collection for only a short 6 weeks or so. It’s one that I’ve held off reviewing as I’ve been revisiting it weekly as it’s had me a bit confused.


The mask is made from 98% natural ingredients and is described as being triple action formula – claiming to brighten, exfoliate and deep cleanse lifeless looking skin. Aiming to make this smooth, radiant and soft to touch. Made up of Kaolin clay to draw out impurities from the skin and walnut shell to buff away dead skin cells.


This applies initially as a thick white cream, with the beads of walnut shell distributed without. This smells very… herby, I can’t quite pin point what exactly it is. With this mask you need to leave on for a relatively short time before rinsing off, only 5 minutes. In that time it starts to feel slightly tight on the skin, and fades to being almost clear.

I don’t really see the brightening effect from this, I’ve tried using this both weekly and daily over a week – and not seen any form of brightening effect. But my skin does feel smoother and softer with any dead skin removed. That being said, I’m not sure that this really did anything more than what a exfoliator would do, my skin does feel a little more moisturised than what your average exfoliator would offer.

I got this when I purchased a magazine, so although it didn’t cost me anything – normally a 75ml tube of this retails for £18. I think you’d get a good 10 applications out of this sample sized 30ml tube, so the full size is good value for money as a face mask goes. But using as a ‘nice’ exfoliator which for me is where this really falls – which you leave on for a few minutes before washing off, it would be quite pricey for using regularly.

Have you tried anything from Balance Me?


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3 thoughts on “Face Mask Friday #7 – Balance Me Radiance Face Mask

  1. Great review! I have only tried their eye cream though I haven’t really noticed a difference lol. This mask sounds really nice though! 🙂 Xo


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