Colab Dry Shampoo Review

I’ve reviewed a lot of dry shampoo (dry shampoo showdown post here) over a short space of time on my Blog, I thought I had found my holy grail in Aussies Miracle Dry Shampoo, however the full sized bottles in every one I have bought have stopped letting out product half way through. I still love the product, but Aussie isn’t a cheap line anyway, so only being able to use half of the bottle is not economical for how quick I go through it!

Make way for Co Lab, from Ruth Crilly, A Model Recommends. I have followed Ruth for a couple of years now, and she recommends really high quality products, so I thought anything she put her name on herself, is going to match up to her high standards.

The Co Lab line is very affordable, coming in 5 scents, and each comes in a handy handbag/travel size (50ml £1.99) and a full size (200ml £3.49). The normal brands I associate with Ruth are higher end, so having such affordable products kind of took me by surprise.


I picked up 2 different 200ml bottles in Paris – Floral Scent and Tokyo – Oriental Scent (note hair doesn’t smell like a sweet and sour dish), the scent isn’t too overpowering like Batiste sprays, it makes hair smell fresh without being overtly synthetic smelling.

This is the closest in texture to Batiste that I have tried, rubbing it into my hair it feels similar in it’s powdery style residue it leaves, which soaks up any oil at the roots well. Unlike Batiste, despite having a powdery texture it has no white cast or coloured residue left behind, the real problem that I have always had with Batiste.

The only thing I would say, is that if you like your dry shampoo to give you volume as well, this one doesn’t really deliver on that front. It does a fantastic job of making the hair look and feel clean again, but doesn’t give that extra ‘oompf’ that some others give. I’ve just discovered as I was about to hit publish that by chance that there’s now an ‘Extreme Volume’ version of each of scents (£4.49 for 200ml), Although I haven’t tried yet, if you want your volume as well, this might be the answer.

I still prefer Aussie’s Miracle Dry Shampoo over this only because it extends my hair by 2 days not just one. But this will be the one which I go to repurchase for normal day to day, no bottle products, and being overall cheaper.

The quality of the packaging is really nice, and looks a lot nicer than any other Dry Shampoo packaging, especially for the price. They’ve clearly spent time making it look expensive, even though it’s not, and although Batiste is brighter colours, this jumped out on the shelves more to me because it looked so classy, when surrounded by cheaper lines.

I hope this line is carried out of Superdrug into other stores, as it’s a right pain for me to get t, and I’m generally a Boots lover or stocker up at the supermarket. But it’s worth the special trip for me, and when the first runs out, I will be going to stock up on more so I’m not left without, I might give the Extreme Volume version a try as well to see how extreme it is!

What’s your favourite Dry Shampoo?


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11 thoughts on “Colab Dry Shampoo Review

  1. I’ve gone back to batiste at the moment and it’s ok (that all I can really say about it) but I did prefer Aussie by quite a lot. I’ve been putting off buying it hoping they’d fix the can issues though.x

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