Pixi Glow-O2 Face Mask – Face Mask Friday #57

Pixi Glow-O2 Face Mask – Face Mask Friday #57

Pixi is a brand which I haven’t tried nearly enough from both on the skincare and makeup front and I’m just scratching the surface of what they have on offer. I bought a few pieces of makeup in a mega sale they had online a few weeks ago, I’ve tried their iconic Glow Tonic and that’s it (although I may have picked up an item in TK Maxx this week and placed an online order for something too… there may be a collective haul on it’s way!). So when M&S sent me the parcel of all parcels and it contained the Pixi Glow-O2 Face Mask, so I was pleased that my journey of aiming to discover more was off to an easy start.

I think when I did a quick tally of the comments on my Face Mask Friday special where I asked which ones you were most curious of hearing about this one came out top – which I was more than happy about as I was also most curious about what this mask was – as I’d not heard anything about it.

The packaging of this product is exactly what I’d come to expect of Pixi, pale pink outer-packaging which compliments and contrasts against their trademark pastel green packaging with copper lettering. The mask is a good size – it’s not too huge at 50ml and is lightweight, small fuss-free pump bottle that would make this a really good candidate for travel.

Reading through the instruction I wasn’t really sure what to expect – I’ve tried one pretty extreme foaming face mask in the past and I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one.

Now I’m not normally an advocate for a pre-face makeup face mask application, it can make a huge difference to how makeup applies and looks but it often means waiting for 15-20 minutes with a sheet mask on and honestly… who has the time for that!? But this mask makes it really easy to incorporate into that pre-makeup routine as it only needs to be left on for three minutes, and I’ve been tending to use this as a quick pick me up on a Saturday after a long week and on a Monday as a pre-pick me up for the week ahead. I’ve been keeping it by the sink and putting it on post-cleanse and whilst I brush my teeth.

The Pixi Glow-O2 Face Mask comes out as a clear gel and it’s not long before you can start to see it becoming milky in tone it reacts with oxygen – it’s important to work to spread this out thinly and quickly over the skin before it starts foaming. Within 30 seconds or so this quickly becomes a small bubbly white foam that tingles lightly on the skin – it doesn’t  have such a tickling effect as the other similar mask that I tried but you can see it. Once it’s finished foaming up after around a minute you can see a thin layer of foam on the skin that you can drawer a line through which you can see on my wrist below the kind of thin layer that this creates.

After rinsing away the skin feels clean and slightly tightened – and unexpectedly pretty smooth and silky feeling on the skin. The skin looks a bit brighter and the complexion more even – but nothing that’s face-filteresque. If you’ve seem my instastories recently you’ll know that I’m still fighting some pretty bad scarring from the #FentyFoundationBreakout2k17 and an unidentified reaction to another product in the early part of the year and this goes a little way to making my complexion a bit nicer looking. I bet for those with perfect baby skin this would be a really nice go-to for no makeup days.

The mask contains Probiotics (strengthens), Lactic Acid (detoxifies), Caffeine (revives), Ginseng (brightens), Glycerin (moisturises), and Oxygen Complex (pore cleaning and protects against toxins). The mask describes itself as for “reviving dull, tired skin, providing an immediate anti-fatigue effect” – something I agree with.

This mask seems to have a bit of a mixed reaction online and I can see why – but I think that comes down to what you expect. This for me isn’t a mask to use at night and expect to wake up to amazing skin the next day – this for me is a mask to be used to see a small but instant change in the skin. It’s not promising long-term changes, it’s an instant change.

When I first checked the price of this mask – at £26 – I thought, ooh that’s a bit pricey for Pixi and the size of the product as most of their masks come in around the £18 mark. However the gel formula which foams up mean that you really don’t need more than a 3-4 pumps at once (each pump is quite a small amount of product) so this mask should last quite well – I’ll estimate in my empties when it makes it there how many uses I got out of it. I think this mask is best suited to those who enjoy the instant pick-me-up that a sheet mask can provide, but don’t enjoy the constant burst of spends of £3-6+.

Pixi Glow-O2 Face Mask available from Marks & Spencers, Cult Beauty & Direct from Pixi.

What are your favourite skin pick-me-ups?

Pixi Glow-O2 Face Mask was sent to me as part of a PR Parcel from Marks & Spencers, thoughts and opinions based on my own experiences.


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  1. April 13, 2018 / 10:37 am

    This sounds great! I’ve been wanting it for a while. Thanks for the review xx

  2. Bookworm Beauty
    April 13, 2018 / 4:45 pm

    This look so cool! I want to try more Pixi.

  3. April 14, 2018 / 1:05 pm

    This looks very peculiar to me! Never heard anyone talk about this, or talk much of Pixi in general except for their Glow Tonic so it’s nice to hear about the other products too. 🙂

    • April 16, 2018 / 9:12 am

      I agree – there’s a few bits I’m starting to hear more about – but when it comes to their skincare it’s always double cleanse and glow tonic that gets the attention!

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