Wah Nails The Trillest Holographic Effect

Wah London The Trillest Holographic Effect

Whilst this is their first line, WAH nails is a name you might recognise already, they’ve collaborated in the past with Model’s Own on their nail art pens, but now they have their very own line, available exclusively in Boots. If you’ve been into topshop on oxford street, they have their salon in store too. As far as I am aware this line is not yet available in Boots stores directly, but you can get free next day delivery to stores on this particular line! (YAY) I purchased 2 of these online, this shade in particular was on a bit of a whim…

I could tell from being described online in the title as holographic that the photograph was clearly not doing it any justice, as it didn’t really look holographic at all (see here). I was pleasantly surprised when it turned up. It’s a silver holographic nail varnish. The holographic nail trend was massive a few years ago, and I have at least 2 other silver holographic polishes (China Glaze and 17), maybe expect a comparison post coming up!

Wah London The Trillest Holographic Effect Swatch

Pictured here, is only one coat, it’s a little patchy in places, and maybe in retrospect could have done with another, but from a distance you really can’t tell. I finished with a topcoat to make super shiny, but the full effect of the polish didn’t need a topcoat to bring it to life, something which I have found with others. It doesn’t stay the best on the nails, but from my last post, that might be the crappy topcoat I’m using – with that topcoat I had it on for about 2.5 days before it was chipping off.

Wah London The Trillest Holographic Effect Swatch Review

I love the shape of these bottles, they’re a bit different to the norm – but they’re not the cheapest on the block, retailing at £9 for 6.5ml (Comparison OPI around £11.95 for 15ml works out 79p per ml, versus £1.38.)

Wah London The Trillest Holographic Effect Swatch

WAH’s line now consists of a moderate collection of polishes, press on nails, nail art pens and ‘trend kits’. The press on nails have some pretty awesome designs, but I just won’t personally wear them. I feel like they’re such a creative brand in terms of their nail art they could have done a lot more with some interesting colours in the nail polish department. For me it seem a bit strange that they have a holographic and a matte, but they only do one of each – there’s not multiple shades available. Check out their line here.

The other one I’ve picked up is Roma’s Ruin (review now up here). I’ve seen a few others that I’m interested in, but the shade swatch for this one was so off key, that it makes me wonder how many of the others are… So I’m hoping to see these coming to stores soon so I can see what else catches my eye.


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