Tanya Burr Nails – First Impressions

Tanya Burr Collection
I picked up a couple of items from Tanya Burr Lips and Nails range after the launch on the 30th from Feel Unique. I only picked up 2 polishes and 1 lip gloss, I’m not a big lip gloss wearer so picked up one which I thought would be good over a particular lipstick I have.
I’m not someone who goes and picks up everything a youtuber puts their name to – however Tanya being a credible make up artist I was more interested in what her new venture had to offer.
Tanya Burr for Eye Candy’ is the official range title. I can’t seem to find out much about the brand online. I ordered from feel unique on the launch day – must say the service from them was pretty dire – they hadn’t received the products before the launch – so after around 5 days after ordering they informed you they didn’t have them yet. Regardless that it was a supply problem – It would have been better that they put a note on when ordering you knew it wouldn’t be arriving in their normal time – I put an order in for a few other items at the same time – and I really needed one as my mascara was at a low level I would have done the orders separately if I knew that.
First impressions of the line are that I think the products are at a really good price point – affordable and with a younger teen fan-base it’s something that’s easily in reach for them, and the names of the shades are cute and girly to suit her audience.
That being said, I would say is the colours of the range are a little disappointing. Tanya herself does wear a lot of bright colours and I would have thought we would have seen this reflected in her line somewhat. I think with new brands especially you need to give something that’s at least a little different to what you can already get elsewhere, to help establish yourself away from everyone else, and I don’t think these shades deliver on that front for me.
On the packaging front – I don’t love it I don’t hate it, it’s getting a lot of comparison to the NARS polishes on the packaging front – I don’t own anything from the NARS nails line to compare – size of bottles side by side but I can see where the comparisons come from.
The two shades I picked up were ‘Midnight Sparkles’ and ‘Bright and Early’. I haven’t tried Midnight Sparkles yet – so my first impressions are on Bright and Early.
Online it looked like a pink coral, but on my nails I find it to look different colours in different light – In natural light its more pink coloured, but under office light and indoors it defiantely leans more towards looking orangey as pictured below. The finish is okay, semi glossy – I still wouldn’t skip a topcoat, but if you’re the kind of person who likes to skip where possible – I think it would fare quite well without!

Tanya Burr Bright and Early

I don’t normally wear polishes to the point of seeing how long they last – but expect an update post over the coming days on how I found it to fare and I’ll try the midnight sparkles out next.
At this stage I would probably buy from the line again – but I hope this is an initial launch to test the waters and we might see some more creative colours from Tanya’s Line in the future.
A mini review of the lipgloss – it’s not the stickiest I’ve used, but the colour I picked up (Exotic Island) isn’t quite as it appeared online it looked like a pink with a strong purple hue – the purple hue is definitely less than it appeared online. It does however last well on the lips – a good few hours and even left a slight tint on the lip after the gloss had worn off.
Have you picked anything up from the line?
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