Tanya Burr – Midnight Sparkles Swatches and Review

So this is the second polish I picked up from Tanya Burr’s new line – I don’t know what made me pick this colour – I think its because I couldn’t really tell what colour it actually was! I thought from picking online it might be similar to how it was but was expecting it to be red rather than purple sheened. This colour has proved really hard to capture – on camera it seems to struggle to pick up the pretty purple tone it has in the bottle unless out of focus – so excuse the purposefully out of focus shots!

It’s a really nice glossy colour with no top coat, and think even without testing my thoughts on it without a top-coat I would probably opt not to wear one with this shade. My major bug bare with this shade is that I find that bottle to nail the colour doesn’t seem to translate well – not only can I not capture the purple-ness on the nail, but it is actually rarely seen in person too. Most of the time, in natural light, sun, and indoors it looks for the most part very dark almost black. I like black nails but not particularly on me very much – maybe this was a bad choice for me and I probably wouldn’t have chose this shade if I had seen it in person.

I have tested both this and Bright and Early without a top coat to see how well they lasted. I had to take Bright and Early off due to dying my hair and it staining the nail polish purple as I shampooed my hair (hence slight purple tinge to my fingers in some of the pictures here!) But it made it to 3 days with only a few smaller chips. On midnight sparkles I’m on day 6, its barely chipped considering its been through countless washing ups, full days at work typing, and heavy handed handbag rummaging – pretty good going considering I didn’t use a topcoat! If I wasn’t going out tomorrow night I might give this another day before I took it off.

Overall my thoughts remain the same as my last post on the line, I like the line, I think it will sell really well when it goes into stores and I think it is good quality – but with the current shade range I don’t think that I would purchase again, I definitely have 1 or more shades in my collection that are similar to everything that I already have and as a nail varnish junkie who is desperately trying to limit the amount she now buys due to running out of space – polishes from now on will have to be something really special for me to warrant buying them.
Do you agree? Have you tried anything from the line?



  1. brittanymajoor
    March 10, 2014 / 7:28 am

    I haven’t tried the nail polish yet (sadly supermarket staff aren’t allowed nail polish -_-) but i have tried the lipgloss and done a review on my blog, i think it’s incredible! This nail polish looks great though, mine always chips within a day so maybe this would last better!

    • March 10, 2014 / 8:53 am

      It is great in formulation I just wish you could see more of the purple as in the bottle! Hopefully there’s more to come! I’ll check your review out!

      • brittanymajoor
        March 11, 2014 / 4:43 am

        Thanks so much!

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