Something New Saturday: Eve Snow Midnight Hour

There’s something new to me in the nail world! Visiting Boots this week I saw 2 new nail brands I’ve not heard of before. From the packaging which was almost identical (and priced exactly the same), I’m pretty sure that it’s made by the same people.
Eve Snow’s Midnight Hour is a pretty purple-blue with hints of navy as it catches the light. With very fine silver micro glitter which is very sporadic throughout. It’s priced steeply at £14 so has a lot to live up to in comparing to other more expensive brands such as OPI. This shade reminds me in the bottle of OPI Ink, just with a slightly brighter purple and with the glitter added.
I think what makes this product expensive is the 3 added ingredients in every polish;

  • Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract stimulates nail growth
  • Vitamin E provides anti-cracking and chip prevention
  • Argan Oil helps condition and protect the nail

Unfortunately the expectations just aren’t met; the purple shimmer this has in the bottle disappears on the nail and looks navy. The micro glitter was hard to capture in the bottle, but think I have managed to capture it in the picture above, but this again just disappears under the navy colour, creating little bumps under the polish, which just look like you’ve done a really bad application.

1 coat and this was pretty much opaque, I touched up in a few places with a thin second coat. Dry time was decent, nothing special but I wasn’t sitting like a zombie for hours waiting for them to dry. The one redeeming factor for me would have been if the wear time was brilliant, which it wasn’t 2 days and I already had chips having applied seche vite I know the Midnight hour was to blame rather than the topcoat. The other aspects of the other ingredients will remain to be seen, unless you are religiously using a polish brand which claims to do such things I think it would be hard to tell over a short space of time if any difference has been made to nail condition and growth.
This polish is again the same problem I have with new brands/brands at a higher price point than most others on the market, is that the colour range just wasn’t ‘special enough’ to make me want to repurchase again. The large majority of polishes were regular colours you could find in any range. I’d never pay £14 for a normal red polish for example, no matter what the added ingredients claim to do, and as this polish which I thought might be something quite special turned out in the end to be a ‘regular navy’ I wouldn’t recommend this shade either.
Have you tried anything from Eve Snow before?
There was another shade which almost tempted me as well, called prima donna, it’s rose gold coloured but it’s quite similar to a few others I have – but my obsession with rose gold tells me I need it! Maybe I’ll be tempted in the future if they’re on offer or 3-for-2, but I talked myself out of it… for now.
Annoyingly I impulse purchased in boots having never heard of it before, and after when researching about the brands I found it on cult beauty in clearance, they don’t have many shades left but did have this one in particular, for £6 (probably still wouldn’t recommend at that price either).


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