Sally Hansen – Xtreme Wear Coin Flip

sally-hansen-coin-flipUntil this polish, I’d never tried a Sally Hansen coloured polish before – I used to love their mega shine topcoat before I discovered my now favourite Seche Vite. We’ve not had Sally Hansen colours widely available in the UK until recently – and we don’t seem to have the same gorgeous colours which the American market has – for example – Commander in Chic and Barracuda are shades that I desperately want but not available here!
When I saw this polish in a pound shop, I thought the shade name rang a bell from when it was released – so thought I would give it a quick whirl. Coin flip is from the Xtreme Wear range and boy do I love it.
Sally Hansen Coin Flip
The shade is so sparkly it almost starts to verge on becoming a glitter, the colour sits somewhere between a gold, silver and copper. It needs 2 coats to get opaque – but my favourite thing about the whole thing is the finish, its super shiny and smooth all on its own. I don’t know that I would class the polish as ‘xtreme wear’ it wasn’t super long lasting after 3 days it was starting to show signs of wear and chipping, however for the price I was pleasantly surprised.
Be careful to apply in strokes as straight as possible otherwise the shimmer goes all wonky!
I’ll defiantely be checking out more of the Sally Hansen coloured polishes in future and I see this becoming a classic in my collection. Please let me know any Sally Hansen ones you think I should try – available in the UK or not – and I will keep my eye out for sneaky things like this were they appear out of the blue!


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