Playing with Gel : Sally Hansen Hooray Ombré


This isn’t the first time I have used my new gel kit… Let’s just say the first 2 tries weren’t successful. I picked the Sally Hansen Hooray Ombré up in September with the plan to wear on holiday, I didn’t read that you needed a uv lamp, so couldn’t use.

These were picked up for just £3, and if you were careful you could get away with using one pack as i did for one manicure. There is 8 strips per set, and depending on the size and length of your nails you. £1.50 is definitely more affordable than most nail strips, some of which I have seen for upwards of £10 from the likes of OPI.


As nail strips go these are the easiest I have ever applied, it took me about 30 minutes to do my nails, but I was distracted by the dog trying to eat my hot water bottle. The set includes 2 packs of nail strips, nail file, cleanser wipes, and gel topcoat. The topcoat is a full size product and would have plenty of uses for future. The fact they are glitter effect, but have no texture, is a passive plus for glitter phobes like me!


I’m not convinced these will last the 2 weeks that the box claims it will, but that’s more due to my limited gel skills than the product itself!

The Sally Hansen insta gel strip range features patterns, glitters and nail art, as well as plain colours. I don’t know that I would bother with plain, but this is a complete hassle free way of making it look like you’ve made a big effort.


I have lots of unused nail strips, but can’t bare to see them flake off in a new days, if this works in creating a decent wear time, I might crack them out more often.

My first gel tip has been, apply the thinnest layer of top coat that you can… It stops it gooping all down the edges, less if definitely more.

I’m going back to the shop I bought this from in September to see if i can pick any more up, as these could quite easily be the go to thing for me for upcoming Christmas parties, minimal effort, maximum effect!  The Sally Hansen Hooray Ombré sets don’t seem to be all that easily available online, but ebay and Amazon do have some at an affordable price.


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  1. Anya Peach
    November 25, 2014 / 8:58 pm

    They look very nice!

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