Orly Oui – Swatch and Review

I haven’t tried many Orly polishes – It’s a brand that’s not readily available to hand – or I only see it in the tiny bottles in Boots which never seem like good value for money, and I think I received one in a past Glossybox. So when over a year ago I spotted a sneaky trio in TK Maxx in the large bottles I swiped them up, the other 2 have been used and loved often, whereas Oui has sat unloved and unopened, until now…
Oui sits on a mid purple which has a sharp gold shimmer running through, its scattered unevenly and rather than only being able to be seen when catching the light, its visible all the time and just catches the light with movement.
I mentioned in my Sally Hansen coin flip post that I prefer glitters and creams rather than frosts and shimmers, and again this is an exception to the rule, I think that’s probably because the gold is so prominent it almost sides with a glitter.

It lasted 2 days without chipping, not exactly impressive but I am testing out a new top coat, soso I’m not sure which is to blame! But the polish applies brilliantly and has a nice brush on the bigger bottles. I like the big chunky lids which make it easy to hold.
I love finding little finds like this in TK Maxx – I find their beauty section to have the best bargains depending on store and hitting the timing right – I’ve found OPI, Essie and even Deborah Lippmann Sets in there before for at fraction of the normal cost prices –but more of those later!
Have you got any Orly recommendations, or have you found any little wonders in TK Maxx?


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