OPI Pulled Out A Plum – Swatch and Review

OPI pulled out a plum
I’ve recently discovered a big discount warehouse near me which sells almost everything you can think off. When I was last in there, I spotted a few OPI polishes as I was making my way to the dog food. They were priced at £3.59 each so I couldn’t resist picking up a few!
The only other review of this shade I found highlighted that the labels were different, something which I also noticed. have no reason to think that they aren’t OPI products the bottle bottle, fonts, ink colour are all identical. Initially I thought that maybe these were made to be part of a collection but were dropped last minute as they didn’t quite cut the mustard, or a mistake was made while making another shade and it produced this instead. The shop also sells OPI nail lacquer wraps of which the designs I have seen widely available elsewhere, and some other shades of OPI which I remember as being part of the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. But the more I compare the images on catdoccannon’s blog, the more I think the shades are just slightly different, hers seems to lean more on the pink side, where mine seems slightly more purple, so I wonder whether there was a mistake with mixing, the black text on my bottle is barely readable where as on hers it seems fine.
It wouldn’t surprise me if this is just a ‘seconds’ shade, as with any of the above points because without a topcoat the shade lacks any shine at all and looks quite frankly looks terrible, however once you add a topcoat I think this shade is beautiful! The base colour sits nicely somewhere between a fuchsia and a purple, with fine pink microglitter and I think in duller lights also I pick up a bit of blue too.

OPI pulled out a plumOPI pulled out a plum

As with most OPI products it applies nicely, just when it dries it really does need a topcoat to bring it back to life. I applied two coats, but can see some slight patchyness in areas so think it could of done with a thin third. The wear time has been decent, I’ve had another bank holiday weekend of packing and DIYing, and there’s only wear to the tips so far.
The other shade I picked up was Dinner at Sunset, and a few of the nail wraps (they were a bargain at £1.99 each!) expect a review of these coming up soon! If anyone is interested in purchasing this shade I have found it on ebay here.
Does anyone know the story between the two different labels?



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