OPI – Nordic Collection – Do You Have this Color in Stock-holm

A few days ago I posted a picture of a little naughty online shopping I did. I was reading Miss Budget Beauty‘s Blog (one of my must reads!) – and saw her talking about a nail polish website ‘Nail Polish Direct’, which quite frankly I was surprised I’d heard of but never actually visited.
OPI’s Do You Have this Color in Stock-holm was the colour which tipped me over the edge and made me place the order. The colour online (and elsewhere) looked quite amazing – an unusual Indigo – bright blue with a hint of purple.

Unfortunately when it arrived I had one of those little – oh – moments, where expectation from the picture didn’t quite meet reality. Whilst I have had products which I’ve purchased and not liked, I would say this is my first one which falls more into the ‘disappointing products’ category. Looking very purple with hint of blue, and not really vibrant at all. I really should have known better and looked online at swatches. As someone who set up her blog for exactly that purpose – of trying to avoid others from buying disappointing polishes. I am only disappointed in myself.
I bought this polish to compliment a tanzanite ring which I have, see below. Thinking it would magically transform on my nails to the colour I was hoping it would be – unfortunately it came off as a normal creamy purple, with slight hints of blue. It was glossy on it’s own accord – but I was that disappointed it wasn’t that I had hoped, I couldn’t be bothered with a topcoat, hoping it would flake off and I could try one of the others I had bought immediately. Being next to purple it makes the ring look more purple than it is, it’s a gorgeous halfway between blue and purple.

After 4 days of it being on, we went to London for the day and I spent half the day in Spitalfields Market touching and rummaging through everything in site, by the time I was sat at lunch was only really the point where I noticed it still hadn’t chipped. After killing some time in the train station before coming home, I spent some time in American Apparel trying their polishes over the one I was wearing, so the next morning I took it off – but there was only wear to the tips, still no chips. After a full morning of rummaging I was impressed.

Would I have bought this polish if I had known what the colour really looked like? Nope – and definitely not at OPI’s price – as I already have several others close to this shade that I prefer. But I will get some wear out of it.
Let it be a lesson to you… always check the swatches and reviews first!


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