Models Own Southern Lights – Swatch and Review

Models Own Southern Lights in Sunlight
Models Own is not a stand I appreciate nearly enough as I should! I don’t have many polishes from their line despite Models Own having some of the most unique colours from the drug store. And this one, Models Own Southern Lights is something special.

Models Own Southern Lights in Sunlight I picked up Southern Lights months ago but it had got shoved to the back of the pile and forgotten. Its a periwinkle colour, not quite a lilac not quite a blue with a fine holographic glitter and its simply beautiful! It definitely needs a top coat as it looks washed out, and the colour has an almost greyish tone until it’s had a top coat put on. It’s very eye-catching especially in the sunlight.Models Own Southern Lights in Sunlight Out of Focus
If you a have the cult favourite Juicy Jules it’s very similar in consistency and style, just in a pretty periwinkle shade. 3 thin coats to get a totally opaque opacity, 2 can be a bit patchy in places. An out of focus shot as above captures the different colours in the glitter perfectly.Models Own Southern Lights in Sunlight
Top Tip: Models Own Southern Lights does take quite a long time to dry as its quite a thick polish so one thing I found to speed the drying time up was to use a similar shade underneath, once you’ve put one layer of glitter on you can’t tell the difference. Also you save on polish, and because the base colour provides a barrier between your nail it means its less of a bitch to remove!
I’m going to see if Models Own have any other similar shades when I’m next in boots as I’m in love with how eye catching this is, and is perfect for summer!



  1. August 30, 2014 / 8:47 pm

    This is one of my all time favourite Model’s Own nail varnishes. I also have Northern Lights, which is the same but in pink. I really don’t give Model’s Own the attention they deserve, they have some amazing colours but I never seem to look at them despite the fact they’re readily available here in England and are reasonably priced. xxx

    • August 30, 2014 / 8:52 pm

      Me neither, I think I don’t like anything else in the line make up wise so never think to really give it the time of day, and when I do I’m overwhelmed by how different everything is and end up doing a uturn! I’ve seen northern lights since doing this post and have it on my hitlist!

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