Lets Talk: Top 5 Nail Care

I’m not the best at looking after my nails, I’ll be the first to admit that fact! But I do have some go to products for specific problems.
1. OPI Avoplex Cuticle Treatment 2. Alessandro Pro White Original 3. Nail Envy (Dry and Brittle) 4. Nail Buffer 5. Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go

1/ OPI Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment
I’m not sure I would describe this as exfoliating, but its defiantly good for moisturising the cuticles and I tend to gravitate towards this when I have some pesky hang nails starting to appear, it doesn’t clear them up or scrub them off as the name may suggest, just softens the skin and looks a lot less unsightly.
2/ Alessandro Pro White Original
I received this in a Glossybox and thought, man i’ll never use this. But out of these 5 this one is probably my favourite. It clears up any discolouration in the nails, and can see some results almost immediately and in a matter of hours its almost all gone. I use this if I’ve been using a lot of bright colours and notice some yellowing, especially when switching to a paler colour. I’ve started pre-empting the fact that a colour might stain – OPI Ogre the Top Blue I’m looking at you! And apply this before to reduce the effects. Its also one of the few products from a Glossybox I would actually purchase again.
3/ Nail Envy 
I do suffer with quite brittle nails, which break easily, a terrible family gene passed down from my nan! This is why I always wear a polish as it makes my nails less thin and prone to snapping off. I must admit that I don’t use this as often as I should, but use this as a base coat when I do remember. I’m going to keep it more handy to see if I notice any effects from trying to use more religiously.
4/ Nail File, Buffer, Ridge Remover, Shine
As I do suffer from dry flaky nails, I love the ridge remover side of this particularly for smoothing out any brittle flakes at the end of my nails. I switch these out regularly, I’ve never found one to be more better than the other and this one came from ebay – and was super cheap at about a pound. I do particularly like this one as the file and ridge remover are really good on it, but the Buffer and Polish and Shine Steps are a little rubbish. Saying that I have tried more expensive ones from Revlon and had the same experience.
5/ OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go
Very handy for on the go, out of the two I prefer this to the Cuticle Treatment, Its more of a gel consistency, has a yummy melon scent, and is easy to apply with a brush which you just squeeze a bit out of. I find this really nice for moisturising the cuticles and is also good for the nails in general.


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