Kiko 278 – Swatch and Review

A discovered Kiko a few years ago, one of my oldest friends used to go on about it, they had one store in Westfield White City in the UK. But I think I discovered them first when I went to Berlin – I went a little mad in there and I think I picked up 5 or 6 polishes plus other goodies, but this one is by far my favourite – yet I always forget about it until I’ve randomly reach for it out of nail polish panic.

nail polish panic verb
The term nail polish panic applies when you are unsure of what colour you want to paint your nails, usually because you are greeted with too much choice and pick something that you would never normally reach for…

Kiko 278 is a deep rich purple filled densely with thick heavy foil like shimmer, it’s not quite a glitter but not really a shimmer – I can’t think of anything that’s got a similar finish. It’s perfect for this time of year when were moving into autumn, where it’s still got a little brightness with the shimmer but is a more autumnal feeling colour. Not officially named on the bottle, but known on the website as ‘Violet Orchid Microglitter’ – a term which I think applies nicely.

It applies easily and is opaque on two coats, leaving a very nice glossy finish, it’s shown throughout with no top coat. I did wear this originally with a topcoat but found it chipped quickly (something I’ve found on more than one occasion with nailgirls topcoat). So I repainted by itself, and found that it didn’t last much better, with chips in the corner appearing in 2 days.

It’s not enough to put me off the polish and I think this is going to be a staple in my nail wardrobe over the next month or two and I’m going to try to remember to use it more.

The line is very reasonably priced, and this one is very good, but not all the ones I purchased were the same. More on those later…

Kiko now have more stores in the UK including one on the oxford street /
Regent street cross roads, which is a stunning little store to visit.

Have you tried anything from Kiko?


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