Essie Tart Deco – Swatch and Review

This is easily one of my favourite colours of all time, especially when it comes to spring and summer. Essie’s Tart Deco is no new kid on the block, as I think I’ve had this in my collection for 3 summers now, and reviews on make up alley go back as far as 2010.
The formulation of this one of Essie’s better polishes, it applies nicely with no streaking, after 2 coats the polish is nice and glossy so can go without a topcoat if you’re in a rush, and has pretty decent staying power of 3 or so days without a topcoat.
But the reason I come back to this multiple times in the year (sounds melodramatic but when you have 150 polishes that’s quite a feat to revisit a polish more than once a year) is that I love the colour so much, it’s a lovely bright apricot which sits somewhere just shy of being a neon shade. It’s better on me after I’ve spent a bit of time in the sun, and I think this polish may look a little garish if you don’t have a bit of a tan or on the paler spectrum of skin tones.
Seasonally I tend to only switch up my pedi 2 or 3 times, my legs are so long it makes it a bit of a ball ache to bend down so if I can get away with just to using up chips I will. So far this year it’s been the polish of choice on my toes and I don’t have the same problems with it chipping, I’ve had it on for 2 weeks on my toes with no topcoat and there’s still not a chip in sight, wearing sandals almost everyday I’m impressed!


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