Essie – On A Silver Platter – Swatch and Review – Belugaria Collection

When I was visiting Superdrug this week, just popping in to get a drink and of course got totally sidetracked by the cosmetics on my way to the till (totally the opposite direction). When I saw the belugaria collection from Essie I was stopped in my tracks. The collection is described by Essie as one-step nail art looks for intricate, multi-dimensional, spectacularly ornate caviar nails. A statement I totally agree with, at least in the case of On a Silver Platter.
The polish is a silvery gold micro-glitter base with small to more chunky hexagonal pretty holographic violet blue glitter which appears to sit on top. It truly is stunning, 2 coats does the job, I applied the coats initially without a topcoat but was left a bit disappointed to how it looked without a top coat as it didn’t glisten like it did in the bottle.
After applying 2 thin coats of OPI top coat it totally transformed it bringing it back to sparkly life. It looks beautiful in dim lights and even more radiant in sunlight. Needless to say I’m totally in love, Its been on my nails 3 days now and is showing no signs of chips so far.
One thing I didn’t quite understand was why the price was more expensive than their normal collections and line, polishes from essie usually retail at £7.99 but these were £9.99.
The collection does vary in style of glitters, I wish they were all the same formulation as this in different colour ways as its ultra pretty. There was another that was the same style as this called ‘hors d’oeuvres’ in gold and white which I hope to pick up when I next pass by. Belugaria is also pretty from the line, its a black with chunky holographic glitter, I love black nails but not on me so if you do this will be one for you!
Have you seen this line in stores and been tempted I’d love to know what you think!



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