Essie – Butler Please – Swatch and Review

essie-butler-pleaseI can’t remember who I saw on youtube talking about how much they loved this polish (I think maybe Glam Life Guru), but it’s always stuck in my mind as one I need to try when I laid my eyes on it. I’ve never seen it in store before so when I saw this in my CCO I snapped it up quickly.

Butler please is a beautiful bright creamy blue, not quite colbolt, it has a slightly more milky look, but is none the less  beautiful and a colour I always feel really suits my skin tone (light olivey in winter, olive in summer).

The polish applied okay, nothing special to comment on here, I’ve previously said in my Essie big spender review about how much I usually love Essie polishes, and that big spender was the first that I tried that I didn’t really ‘love’. Well unfortunately this was the second, not for the colour or the consistency – I just found after only a day that chips were starting to creep in, and after 2 days whole nails had totally disappeared.


I was so disappointed by this polish it just didn’t live up to the hype of what I was expecting it would be. I am going to give it another go to see if the outcome is any different and if it lasts any better the second time round, I really hope it does as I adore the colour. I think it would make a gorgeous pedicure colour for the summer with open toe sandals.

Have you tried the polish and found the same problem?


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