Barry M – Denim swatch and review

For jeans for genes day at work on Friday we had to try and wear double denim, as we wear jeans anyway. Now I don’t have a denim jacket or shirt, so the only way I could get around this was to wear nail polish which looked like denim.
This one sprung to mind from memory as looking like denim, but the shade is actually called denim too!

This colour is very impressive, one coat and its totally opaque, smooth and not a patch in sight. For some reason I always give it a second coat for good measure but it really doesn’t need it. It’s a deep denim blue with faint microglitter, it doesn’t come off as shimmery as it looks in the bottle, but does leave a denim effect, with flecks and shades of silvery white and paler blue. It’s very thick, and applies very goopy if you don’t give the brush a good wipe with the excess first.

It has a semi matte finish and I decided to add a matte topcoat to finish the look off, initially trying a recent one from my glossybox Winchester bridge from nails inc, I showed it to my boyfriend and asked which one looked more matte, and he said the nail I hadn’t painted yet looked more matte. So I used the one I had already from Rimmel which was much better. I’m going to do a side by side comparison on these soon as this has made me interested as to if this was a fluke with this particular polish.

Matte nail polish never lasts too long on me, so a semi matte nail polish + matte top coat is not a recipe for a long lasting look. that being said, I have put my nails through hell this weekend, finally doing the last bits of unpacking in my house move, with digging about in boxes I’m surprised it even lasted without any chips until day 3, and even now, I could get away with just touching those chips up if I wanted, the majority of the nails have a bit of wear to the tips with no chips so could extend the manicure if I wanted!
It’s not the easiest to remove, the blue comes away easily but leaves the silvery micro glitter behind which I had to soak off with a cotton pad for about 2 minutes to easily wipe away.
I think this would be a great polish to create a real denim nail art look with! I never give Barry M the appreciation it deserves! Have you got any favourites from Barry M I should check out?


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