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I’d seen this tag floating around on youtube but not on any blogs. So I haven’t been tagged, justing starting a trend.

I can’t lie, a good chunk of my collection is stuff that sells itself to me because I like the packaging so much. So when I saw this tag, I needed to do it immediately. So for all of us who are in love with the vanity of a product, as we are in the product, here is my makeup packaging tag.

Favourite Blush Packaging

Estee Lauder Signature Blush


This was hard, I was torn between the practical or pretty choice. I decided to go for the pretty. Estee Lauder, not only is the outer packaging pretty, but the design of the product is pretty too, in it’s gradient style, which I guess is part of the packaging too (totally bought it because it was ombre). This is my all time favourite blush (peach nuance is this shade), which unfortunately was limited edition, I’m scared of running out of it, but just can’t put it down in summer especially.


Runner up was Nars, they’re so compact but give a lot of product, sturdy, plus they look and feel high end.

Favourite Lipstick Packaging

NARS Audacious Lipstick


I had a totally different answer prepared for this. But this week I had a little trip to Space NK in Nottingham, a rarity as we don’t have one locally, and saw the new NARS Audacious Lipsticks. I resisted buying more than 1 at £24 each, but now wish after 2 days of wearing it I’d treated myself to at least 1 other colour! But back to the packaging. It’s beautifully sleek, matte black square metal packaging, with the NARS logo printed on the side with a glossy finish. It has a magnetic close which makes me much happier than I would like to admit. I know people love the YSL packaging, but this for me is much less gaudy, and much more subtly classy. Mine is in the shade Vera, I also wish I’d picked up Racquel, just because it’s close to my name as I’ll find!

Favourite Mascara Packaging

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara


This particular one is the limited edition print, which is now no longer available, now whilst that makes it more beautiful than it already is, that’s not the reason that I like it. The bowed shape looks pretty, but serves practical purpose in that it removes excess product as it squeezes itself through the thin area, meaning no dry goopyness on the top of the mascara where I normally have to wipe all the excess off. Whilst this is expensive at £22 ish, I find I waste far less with this mascara, than I do with others.

Favourite Powder Packaging

I don’t have any powder which I would be consider great from a packaging, I have the Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals powder and the Rimmell Stay Matte powders, both of which are great products but the packaging is cheap and crap on both. So rather than naming a product I don’t own I’ll skip over this question!

Favourite Foundation Packaging


For practicality, MAC Pro Longwear, it’s a nice enough bottle, but comes with a pump (not all MAC foundations do, but are all priced pretty much the same – weird), but the pump distributes a perfect amount of product in 1 pump. Excuse the grubby looking bottle, this was in my back to mac drawer, as I don’t currently have any of this as I’m trying to use up a lot of others.

Favourite Eyeshadow Packaging


From a purely over the top, vanity point of view. This Urban Decay Book of Shadows which was NYC Themed is gorgeous. It’s several years old, starting to look a bit grubby, but is still beautiful. I don’t use as many of the shades in here as much as I should as they are all beautiful. But less about that, this is the make up packaging tag! It has a mirror which is basically unusable without holding the pallette, which is too large, the lights aren’t bright enough to use as a practical thing, they just look pretty. But I still adore it, from a collectors point of view it’s one of my favourites in my collection.



Brand Who’s Packaging You Can’t Say No To


Anything MAC limited edition, here are just a few of my favourite items but anything from mac which is in limited edition packaging, I automatically want one thing from the collection. I wish wish wish (a lot of wishes) that we had a MAC in Peterborough, it’s often impossible to get your hands on limited edition collections from MAC online as it sells out immediately, especially as there’s a lot of hoarders collectors who like me want 1 10 of everything.

Brand Who’s Packaging You Think is Overhyped

This will be controversial, but I hate Benefit’s packaging. There is only one product I own from Benefit, which has since been discontinued (She Laq) – much to my despair as I don’t know what I will do without it once I run out! Everything else I have had from Benefit has been binned, given away or used up. One of my personal hates is “fake vintage”, and that’s what Benefit’s packaging largely embodies for me, generally I also think for the price that Benefit charge, hello £23.50 for a blush which has cardboard packaging, that the quality is terrible!

There are a few items which are an exception to the rule – the ‘they’re real’ line is nicely packaged, although I still don’t like the product inside.

Most Disappointing Packaging for a Good Product


These lipsticks are surprisingly amazing quality for £1.99, however they obviously don’t have enough support at the base, all of ones I have ever bought have snapped at the base, and unfortunately that’s a problem that lots of people seem to have. My favourite, ‘Raspberry’, I am now on my third of, I have only repurchased because I like the colour so much, but I’m treading very very lightly when using. It should be such a simple problem to solve.

Best Designed Packaging

 Inglot Eyeshadow Pallettes


Again I like this more for practicality than any other reason, these packets are totally customisable and come in a range of sizes, (I think anything from 5-25 in) I have the 10 pallette which I must admit I had totally forgotten about until routing through my collection to find answers for these. The tops for these are magnetic, and if you have more than one, you can stack together without the lids, and they very securely stay together. It’s been neglected for too long, and is back on rotation in my dressing table.

As far as I’m aware there’s only 1 inglot store in the UK – Westfield White City in London, and I need to get back there to get another one of these pallettes, for smokey greys and neutrals.

Worst Designed Packaging


This is a personal thing, but I wish the collection concealer was in a squeezy tube rather than having a dofur applicator to put on your face. Also, this seems to be a problem with most concealers, but can someone find a way to make the text that they print onto concealer tubes stay on and not rub off! I can cope with it when it’s all rubbed off, but when it’s in a half on half off state, and it gets all over your hands as you’re trying to apply stuff to your face… that really bugs me!

I hope any fellow people who appreciate the vanity of the product as much, or in some cases more than the product itself, enjoyed reading this.

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What are your favourite products from a packaging point of view?


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