Pre Holiday Preppin'

Pre Holiday Preppin'

I am going on holiday this weekend, due to going so late this year because of buying a house in summer, the weather might not be quite as sunny as if I had gone in peak season – I’ve been doing everything I can in order to prep so I can make sure that I get the best tan possible!

1. Michael Todd Walnut Grapefruit Polishing Scrub

Michael Todd Walnut Grapefruit Polishing Scrub

A very harsh body exfoliator, to get rid of all dead skin, I’ve been using this once or twice a week to make sure that my skin is nice and smooth. It’s very grainy but also has a little oily residue which helps to nourish deeply into your skin as you scrub.

2. Nivea In Shower Moisturiser

Nivea In Shower Moisturiser

This is new to me and so far it’s going great! Do I think it’s as good as a normal moisturiser or body butter? No – but is it better than doing nothing if you’re like me and are too lazy/forgetful to do it when you get out? Yes! I noticed a difference in how soft my skin is feeling after only a couple of uses, and 10 days since starting it is very noticeable. I have another one of these to take away with me that contains cocoa butter too, which should be even more intense, but is in a slightly smaller bottle so will be better for travel.

3. Zhuzh Tan Accelerator

Zhuzh Tan Accellerator

This is a product that we sell where I work, I’ve had this for a while (bought whilst it was on offer), in preparation for going on holiday. The main reason I bought was to try and even out some tan lines which I have on my legs (don’t wear yoga pants whilst painting your shed on a very sunny day). I’ve used a couple of times but never when I’ve really been out doors enough to really notice a difference. It’s a product which has RAVE reviews – I mean that seriously, it’s our highest rated product on the whole site – so I have high expectations. It also contains shea butter, so nourishes as well as getting your tan to work quicker! It works by awakening the melanin in your skin although you don’t have to, you can start using a few days before to get them moving quicker. I started using this yesterday, so we will see how it goes!


And of course, whilst I’m doing my best to tan, I will be using a sun-tan lotion, at least SPF30 whilst I’m there! I use a SPF on my face every day, as I’m getting paranoid about ageing, and the body will follow suit too. I’ll keep you posted on my thoughts of if the Zhuzh helped me tan any quicker!

Do you have any preholiday rituals?


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