Lusting After – Autumn Edition

Here’s my first Lusting After list.

Eden Jeans

I’ve got to the point where every pair of jeans I own need binning. The only place I’ve found to be long enough for my annoying lanky legs and fit is the Dorothy Perkins Eden style, they’ve added a few more to their collection, which I’m wanting immediately!

Dorothy Perkins: Floral / Acid Wash

Topshop Merit Chain Boots

Last winder I discovered how much I really do like wearing boots, I only picked up one pair of ‘smart’ looking chelsea boots in black, so think these would be nice to wear with black, browns, jeans etc. I love the detailing on the front toe and the chain on the back.

From Topshop

Topshop Diamond Stitch Snood

I love the colour of this (also available in lots of others), it looks so warm – I’d get a lot of wear out of this, including around the house.

Snood From Topshop

Steve Madden Brewzer Boots

Last year I bought a pair of steve madden rose gold studded biker boots, in black – I’ve worn them so much, including throughout the summer, they are still in perfect condition and can honestly say they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever bought. Naturally now I want to add a casual pair to my collection, and I think these might be the ones.

From Sole Trader – No Longer Available

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Bag

I bought a replica one of these online to see if it was the right size for what I wanted it for (days out where I don’t want to carry things/walking the dog), before I splash my cash on the real thing. The strap on the replica sits on a really weird place on me, so I need to find it in person to try. Still it doesn’t stop me wanting it, and if youre not tall you wont have the same problem! Avaiable in 2 sizes, mac and mini mac, and lots of different colours and styles.

Little Black Of Style is a great place to buy Rebecca Minkoff

GHD Hairdryer

My third hairdryer in less than 2 years has broke, I’m fed up of taking them back. I don’t buy cheap ones (£40-50 at a time), My GHD straighteners have always lasted me 3 years minimum. I wanted this when it came out, but was waiting for reviews of it to filter through before biting the bullet, now I can see it get’s largely positive reviews, I think I’ll cave and buy it when they next have a discount code for it.

Available from GHD

What are you lusting after?


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