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I’ve seen this floating around on 4 or 5 blogs, and thought it was a bit of fun!
What’s your favourite food?
Lasagne, made from scratch no jar sauces – specifically my mums as she makes it properly!
Any weird foods you like?
I’m a fussy eater so I would say no! I like pickled food, which some people would describe as weird, but my mum will have forced that down my throat from being a baby, so I’m used to it!
Favourite vegetable?
Courgettes. I always say if there was one food I had to eat for the rest of my life, I would choose a courgette. Words can not express how much I actually like them. The only thing I that could possibly express it, is that I have researched if there are any solely courgette cookbooks (there aren’t) If you know any good courgette recipies, I will be your best friend forever if you send them my way.
Favourite fast food?
KFC, it’s dirty it’s greasy but its the most filling. Whilst I do love their chicken burgers, an hour after eating McDonalds and I’m already hungry again! Give me a 2 piece variety meal any day! We have a day at work called chicken fridays, which means a ritual of going to KFC every Friday lunch! Although I skimped out of it the past few weeks as I was eating well for my holiday!
Favourite Sauce?
Salad Cream, I love it. Especially with chips and wedges!
Chinese or Indian?
I like both, Indian doesn’t agree with me so I can’t eat it too regularly. I do like a good indian takeaway once in a while, but usually opt for chinese!
Food pet hates?
I don’t mind sharing if you’re planning on sharing, but I hate it when people take off your plate when you haven’t offered. I will sit thinking about all the ways I can get revenge if people nick the best looking chip on my pile!
Pizza Hut or Domino’s?
If I had to pick Pizza Hut, Dominos is so salty!
Name three foods you could never live without
The 3 C’s
1. Courgette!
2. Chicken – I don’t really like red meat so Chicken is a staple
3. Chocolate
A food you hate?
Fish, I just can’t do it. Last year my resolution was to eat more fish, I tried but just became overwhelmed every time it was on my plate. And the motivation to keep trying has definately passed!
Favourite restaurant chain?
Byron Burger, I used to love Gourmet Burger Kitchen (specifically their Chicken and Bree burger), but discovered that Byron Burger is a cut above the rest!
Three most important things at a restaurant
Tasty Food, Friendly (and Helpful) Staff, Not Too Noisy – I can’t stand going to a restaurant where the acoustics mean you have to shout over the next table just so you can hear!


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