Michael Kors Tricolor Handbag Unboxing – No More Shopping!


Okay, so I’m promising myself, and my bank balance, that this is the last purchase (at least for myself!) that I’ll be making for a while! my-wardrobe.com this week launched a 40% off all current collections sale. As soon as I saw that, I had the quickest shower of my life, before running to the computer. 

So the bag I purchased was the Grey, White Black – Michael Kors Tricolor Saffiano Mid Travel Tote. This was reduced to just £156 from, I know some people will question the “just” but for me, this is a product that never goes on sale… is better quality than my last MK bag, and I have found that spending more money on handbags and purses/wallets, means that I spend far less in the long run. I was constantly buying £30 wallets that I would have to replace every couple of months, but since buying mine almost 3 years ago for £90 (from the Outnet), I’ve saved myself far more. Michael Kors is very much an affordable designer brand for me, and at a price like this, they are just as much as a Ted Baker bag, which in my opinion are vastly overpriced for their quality, and not really my style.

I’ve been debating buying another Michael Kors handbag (my other is here) for a while, I wanted a white one, but was a bit scared of how irresponsible I am, I thought about a black one, but couldn’t bring myself to settle on a ‘boring’ colour that I would only use during winter. So when I saw this in the sale, I knew it would be perfect for use all year round.




I ordered this bag on Tuesday evening and received it Thursday, good going – I needed to contact customer services after a confusing message from the courier and they were quick to respond and very helpful. I also opted for the free ‘Luxury Packaging’, because if you’re spending the money on something expensive, you may as well get the most out of it as possible. A side note is that if you’re purchasing as a gift, make sure you opt for this, it looks really beautiful when it arrives, and the lucky recipient will be impressed!

“So enough talking, show us the bag”





The inside of the bag features a clasp to hold together, a zip pocket on one side, with a phone holder pocket and another pocket, and 2 pockets also on the other side (a handy size for sunglasses!) etc.

I can’t really review the bag beyond the fact I think it’s beautiful and I love it, but I wanted to get this post up as soon as possible, as I know that the Sale is running out of stock, so if you want to take advantage of this offer! From what I have learnt from having my other bag, is that I think these bags, when looked after, last really well – I’m not the best at not throwing my bag around, and my old one is still in pretty good nick, I will still be using it in future, it’s just hibernating for winter.

A lot has already sold out, but this bag, at the time of writing is still available here, the general sale is online here.


P.S. I’ve finally (after almost a year of posting!) set up an instagram and twitter account! Give them a follow if you feel so inclined, it might take me a day or two to actually start populating!




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  1. Anya Peach
    November 21, 2014 / 7:26 pm

    So jealous! Wish I had spare £150 to buy it. It’s an arm candy
    And followed you on Twitter. Happy tweeting 🙂 x

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