Found in TK Maxx – February 2019

Found in TK Maxx – February 2019

Hello – sorry for the radio silence last week, I was swept away on a surprise trip for my birthday and had nothing prepared and ready to go so decided to take a week off blogging. You may have noticed that there was no TK Maxx post in December – I found everything they had in for Christmas very tacky so whilst I tried a few times I always left empty handed, and in January I was too busy at work and as I was on a beauty no-buy I decided to opt out of temptation.

Though I did take a look at the beauty section as I waltzed into the store early last week, I was left bitterly disappointed at the state of what was there, there was so much gorgeous makeup from Pixi, By Terry and Anastasia Beverly Hills but it was all smushed, crumbled and rather grim looking. I swept myself straight up for the home section to see what they had in, with a few things I was actively looking for and a few things that just took my fancy.

None of these items are from particular brands – all I suspect made for TK Maxx so there’s no RRPs and savings this time round. Despite that I think I caught some good deals.

Beagle Vase – £12.99

When I saw this how could I not? If you don’t know I have a beagle pup and this is such a ‘Dexter’ expression when he looks up at you all guilty and doe eyed. This is a tall vase so it’s going to need some long flowers in it, it’s a good job we’re coming into daffodil season. I don’t think this will have a permanent home out, but with the right bunch of flowers I think this will be comical to bring out every now and again.

Yellow Plant Pot – £6.99

If you don’t know, I have a bit of a houseplant obsession, a few weekends ago I bought some plants but couldn’t find some pots I loved, this one was perfect as I had a plant in mind for our living room which is tones of mustard and grey (once it’s decorated!). I loved the dip glaze effect that the plant pot has and I can’t wait to place this in my living room.

Iridescent Plant Pot – £2.99

I’m not sure whether I’m going to use this as a plant pot yet, or whether I’m going to use it something else either on my dressing table or in the office. I loved the shape of this though and whether it has a plant live in it, or something else I couldn’t resist it!

Glass Hurricane Pots – £2.99 each

I picked up two of these with the intention of using these for makeup brushes on my dressing table, I’m not sure whether they may end up being too big, but I was keen to reduce the number of pots I had down to make my dressing table look less cluttered (a further blog post will come on this process).

Mustard Mohair Cushion – £12.99 (definitely should have been £29.99)

I have seen and wanted one of these cushions for ages and whilst TK Maxx is definitely the cheapest place I’ve seen genuine Mohair cushions (fake ones look so knotted and do not have the same fluffiness IMHO) I’ve never quite wanted to spend £30 on one (the price they always are). I found this one without a tag on, and chanced my luck at going to the checkout to ask how much it was, and when she said £12.99 I did a very fake thinking face before snapping her hand off. This again will look great in my living room on the sofa and I think I’m now complete on yellow cushions – I want to swap out a few of the cushions which came with the sofa for better quality darker grey ones and I think I’ll finally have to admit there’s no more room!

Ninety Six – Indigo Waves Candle – £6.99

A last edition to this haul was this candle which I picked up at a different TK Maxx which is my favourite one to shop in. The makeup section is never trashed, and everything is tidy and well organised. This time, despite a few other items which almost tickled my fancy, this was the only one I ended up taking to the till. This was a brand of candle I’d not heard of before, but turns out it’s associated to the DW range which is also stocked in TK Maxx – but this was a two fold purchase, the glass pot it came in itself was so pretty, its a gorgeous blue colour with a slight lilac duo-chrome effect. The candle itself has a beachy vibe, but also hot-sexy man cologne. This smells divine from just taking the lid off, I can imagine how nicely it’s going to smell when burning. This I’m planning on putting on my dressing table, and once the time comes and it’s empty – I’ll find a use for this beautiful jar.

Overall I was happy with what I found, I’d seen some amazing deals others had found in the furniture section of chairs and bedside tables which I was hoping to find for one of my spare bedrooms and a chair for the office, but sadly my store has such a small area for furniture there was not enough choice. I’ll definitely be back in to check what new they have coming in a few weeks (hopefully the beauty department won’t be as disappointing!), but I’m keen to get myself to a Homesense for a bigger furniture selection.

If you’d like to see more TK Maxx Hauls, you can see the others that I’ve done here.

Have you picked up any new bargains or for the home recently?


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  1. February 11, 2019 / 7:21 am

    I didn’t know TK Maxx sold homewares… (can you blame me, I’m not British haha). The beagle vase is adorable and the glass vases/pots are nice too 🙂

    • February 11, 2019 / 11:21 am

      It’s a bit like a mini department store, it’s everything from clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty, kids clothes, sometimes toys as well as homeware – they do have smaller furniture pieces like side tables and chairs, but don’t tend to have things like wardrobes etc.

  2. February 11, 2019 / 9:18 am

    You picked up some lovely bits! I always forget about TK Maxx for plant pots and stuff like that, the one near me is mainly clothes. That beagle vase is to diieee for x

  3. February 12, 2019 / 10:58 am

    The beagle vase is definitely my favourite!!! It’s so adorable and comical – a really good pick-me-up I feel if you’re having a down day and just look at the vase at any given moment. 🙂

    • February 12, 2019 / 11:34 am

      Definitely – it’s currently in my living room and makes me smile every time I see it, I like that I can change the flowers in it to give him a different look too!

  4. Farah Gasimzade
    February 13, 2019 / 1:26 am

    such ​a nice finds! Enjoy!

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