Found at TK Maxx – October 2019

Found at TK Maxx

My last one of my TK Maxx posts was back in February, I’ve definitely been visiting TK Maxx a lot in that time as there was one around the corner from my old job, but I’d only tend to pick up one thing at a time, I’d never get a haul-worthy amount saved up, however after a good six weeks of not stepping in one I visited two different ones in a matter of days and had a fairly successful visit to both! So here’s what I found at TK Maxx over the past few weeks.


I originally went in to see if I could find some purple or grey cushions to go on top of a recently reupholstered ottoman which I want to move from my landing into a different room, sadly purple cushions were way too bright and the grey ones were too boring, so I left unsuccessful. I did however find a really nice mercury glass vase/candle holder in this deep dark dusky purple tone with mercury glass lining – we’ve recently decorated one of our bedrooms purple with silver and grey, one side of the room was looking a bit too grey and silver and I thought it needed something purple to break it up. When I spotted this I knew it was what I’d been looking for, I think it would look quite nice with some fairy lights in or a candle, but I’m not often in that room at night, so I may look to put a plant in it, or find some nice faux flowers, this was £9.99 which I thought was a good price as it’s fairly large. This was unbranded so I presume it was just a made for TK Maxx special!

I did pick up two plant pots, one I picked up as a gift for my Mum – I’d recently bought her a plant that she had liked at mine a couple of times, and I’d been on the hunt for a nice pot to go with it, this one was a textured bronzey metallic tone with indented white bobbles – I think it was £5.99. It’s already been passed onto her, I did debate picking another up for myself, but I don’t really have any bronze tones in my house so left it! I did however pick up this brassy-gold one, which I thought would be lovely at Christmas with my poinsettias in, again this one was £5.99 and is a really decent size.

Dog Toys

I like keeping an eye out for dog toys which are a bit unusual in TK Maxx, but sometimes they seem too expensive/poorly made. My dogs had been especially well behaved after I’d had friends around who they had never met so I decided they needed a treat. I bought the dogs two dog toys and after four days one already looks like it belongs in a horror movie, an elephant has had one ear, nose and legs ripped off, the fluff everywhere could have easily been mistaken my a murder scene! The second has survived scruff free, a fairly oversized pig, which quacks like a duck and is holding a sweetcorn. Why? I can’t answer, do the dogs love holding it/pouncing on it, yep, yep they do. I predict it has another three days max before it’s shredded. RIP piggy.


I’ve had the best series of finds in short succession recently, and warning – it’s quite Becca heavy. My first and favourite find was the Becca Glow Macaron collection, 4 mini shimmering skin perfectors in Opal, Vanilla Quartz, Rose Quartz and Prismatic Amethyst. All pretty and wearable shades these were £24.99, a normal Becca highlighter is £30 for 7, and these are 4 at 2.5g each. I’m close to finishing up two other highlighters, so it seemed logical that I’d also pick up another right?

The second store I spotted a full size Becca Highlight in Gold Lava from the Volcano Goddess collection, this is much more golden and at £12.99 I thought again it was a steal. This applied “heavy” is fairly opaque, and could be used on the eyes, but seeing the applications of it lightly used as a highlighter looked pretty. I think I’ll get more use out of this come summer, but it was a deal too good to pass up!

Lastly from Becca was the Khloe X Malika BFF Glow Letters – I’m not a fan of the Kardashians, so there’s no way I would have paid £15.99 for this especially as the packaging is cardboard, but at £5.99 reduced from £15 I was a little intrigued. I found myself reaching for bronzer a lot more recently, mainly as I’m trying to finish a face palette, but I’ve occasionally felt like I’ve wanted a shimmery bronzer to pair with a matte one. Having raided my drawers I didn’t have anything, and these are like the early 2000s bronzing beads, but instead they are shaped like Xs and Os.

I stocked up on a couple of essentials – first off the Wet Brush Styling clips for £4.99 – the original price was marked as £15 and I’ve definitely bought them cheaper than that before. I’m down to my last one in my drawer, but they’ve lasted me approximately 4 years, so I was happy to get another pack. They had blue and black and I decided the blue would be easier to find in my drawer. I’d noticed that a lot of soaps in my house seem to be on their last legs – we have 5 sinks in our house and some have been the same ones since we moved in a year ago and are close to their end. I love pink pepper scents so when I saw a Scottish Fine Soaps Company one for £2.99 reduced from £9.99 I snapped it up. There were a few pink pepper options and I thought this one smelt the best and was also the best value!

Lastly, I’m not really a bath person – but I’ve been suffering a bit with aching recently so have been entertaining the idea of having one on a few occasions. I’m not someone who likes using bath bombs as I find them so expensive, but a good bubble bath is what floats my fancy. I found this “Natural Gardener’s Therapy” from Bronnley which was reduced from £14.00 to £3.99. It’s a nice floral scent but isn’t too heavily scented so won’t give me a massive headache. I also thought the bottle was quite pretty should I want to keep it out on my bath shelf.

And that’s it – I remember having a few extra products in my hand at one point, but I can’t remember a few days on what they were, so I haven’t got shoppers remorse or TK Maxxers remorse (knowing you’ll never find it if you go again)! If you’d like to see my previous finds, you can find my last posts here.

What have you found at TK Maxx? Have you tried anything I’ve bought previously? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. October 28, 2019 / 10:03 am

    Good Becca finds! Those vases are all beautiful too x

    • rachael
      October 28, 2019 / 7:19 pm

      I went a little Becca mad! I’m really happy with the vase, haven’t found anything to put in it yet, I’ve had this post ready for a few weeks and have been on a hunt!

      • October 29, 2019 / 1:05 am

        Why not while you see a good deal?!

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