Can't Stop Shopping – New Look, Gap and ASOS Haul


I’ve been shopping a little a lot recently, I got a new job – so this was celebratory shopping for a new work wardrobe, I’ve now ended up with a promotion at the company I was already at, and I’m not returning what I bought, I don’t feel guilty at all! I have ordered over £500 worth of stuff over the past few weeks, luckily, these are just the things that I decided to keep!

I got given a friends and family 25% discount from a friend at work for New Look, having been window shopping online a few days before at new look, and talked myself out of it, I decided that it was destiny that I had waited.

New Look – Gryffindor Jumper – £22.99


I’m a big HP geek, I think I would be more likely to be in Slytherin, but we would all beg to the sorting hat to be Gryffindor. I would include an picture of this… but I’ve already spilt food down it! It’s not too thick, which is nice as if cold I can wear vest tops under it, but it’s not too heavy for all year round. They also had a general Hogwarts one in a maroon, and I’m going to see if I can pick that up when I go to return the bits I’m not keeping from New Look!

ASOS Trapeze Jumper – £30


I ordered this 3 times, the first 2 it was cancelled as it was out of stock, this is not super soft, but not coarse – my perfect type of wool as the other two tend to make me itch. I looked for a jumper like this everywhere when this was out of stock and I couldn’t find one, checking back everyday for 2 weeks helps!

ASOS Tall Botanical Wrap Back Dress 



I’m not convinced by the print on this, but I love how it fits and the detail on the back, it skims just below the knee on me, which is nice as everything normally falls above on me with my super long giraffe legs.

ASOS Fixate Sandals


I’d been eyeing these all summer, so when I saw these in the sale (can’t remember exactly how much!), I had them, putting them away (obviously) for next year. These aren’t super comfortable, but I bought these more for occasion wear.

ASOS – New Look Check Shirt – £19.99


I have worn this so many times since I bought it a few weeks ago, I love it under a jumper with it just poking out, it’s only very subtly coloured and is the kind of fashion I’ve always wanted to wear but never been able to find a shirt that actually does up!

New Look Tall Zip Trousers – £19.99


I bought these in a size too big by mistake and took the label off in error. Gahhhh. These are great, I love the popular zara zip legging trousers, but they aren’t long enough for me, these are the perfect length, I now just need to get around to taking them so they fit better! For my past year at work, I have worn jeggings (some of which look more like chinos), so these will be nice as a change of pace for days when I feel like a power dress is required.

New Look Shirt – £19.99


Following the success of the other shirt, I scoured the website for something similar when I placed the order. There was nothing, when I went to collect my order from my local store this was there, waiting for me as I entered the door. Luckily I still had my friends and family discount to redeem at the til! I like it, it’s a tomboy style but with a girly pop of colour, I will get equally more wear out of this as the other

New Look Mint Necklace – £7.99


This isn’t mint, this is a grey with a hint of blue! Which is great as I don’t have anything in this colour! Very Pretty. Jewellery was also on Buy one get one free so …

New Look Strand Ring Necklace – £7.99


This is very very pretty, and classy – but I have to return it as 2 of the strands came out when I opened it. I wore it once after tying it at knots and it kept coming undone.

Gap Beaded Collar Top – £18 (ish)


I’m not a big lover of GAP but I went in to an outlet near us recently when I was killing time, everything was an extra 25% off, so decided this would be great for my smart wardrobe, I do think it’s a little overpriced for what it is, and you could pick something up similar in H&M for half the price, but the jersey fabric is nice and soft.



  1. twolittleowlsblog
    November 18, 2014 / 9:13 am

    The print on the wrap dress is lovely! Also well done on spilling food 😉 xx

      • twolittleowlsblog
        November 18, 2014 / 9:54 am

        I did think it was a brave buy for you. I still avoid anything light coloured/choose clothes based on their food camouflage abilities.

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