1 Month Into 5:2 Dieting

1 Month Into 5:2 Dieting

As I’m writing this I’m almost at the end of week 5, and by the time this goes up I will be well  into the “last” week. So have had 4 full weeks of 5:2 dieting, I wrote a post of my experience 2 weeks into the diet, which you can check out here if you haven’t already.

Since the last 2 weeks I defiantly became a bit more complacent in how ‘easy’ the diet was having toast on the non fast days for breakfast instead of yogurts as I was doing. Being good in general 100% aids the amount you lose over the week. In the past 2 weeks I’ve noticed I have slowed up on the rate to which I was losing.

In total over a month I have lost 11.5lb (grr only 0.5lb off a full stone – damn that toast!), but I’m really pleased with that figure. Some of my clothes especially where they were baggy before, are now unflatteringly baggy, I put a shirt on to go out in on Saturday night, and had to take it off, it looked awful! I’ve had a few comments from people at work and my boyfriends family saying that they can tell I’ve lost weight, but in general I don’t think it’s that noticeable for other people, but I can 100% tell where the weight has come off from when I’m looking at myself in the mirror.

I am going to be continuing the diet past the recommended 6 week block. I contemplated changing it to a 4:3 structure but wanted to properly try out the 5:2 in the 6 week block to see how much I would lose. But I am going to do that as I continue, as I said in my first post, the diet isn’t too hard, and when you look at what you can actually eat for your 500 calories (typical fast day in food here)(first recipe here) you realise it’s all in the planning of how you use them up.

I’ve definitely got over the hunger stage now, and when I eat big meal (not massive but bigger portions than I tend to eat now), I do start to feel sluggish later on. I’d still recommend splitting your days up, so you can tell yourself on a tough day that tomorrow you can eat what you want, but I haven’t had any of those days for the past 2 weeks and was the initial getting used to the diet.

My tips from my first post haven’t changed, and I haven’t learnt anything new. But water really is your BFF on this diet, feeling peckish have a glass of water and it’s usually passed by the time you have found something to eat. I’ve also found that having a bottle of no added sugar squash on hand at work is great for curbing any sweet tooth cravings you might be having.

I’m going to try and post more low cal, 5:2 friendly recipes as the last one was fairly well received!


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