The Estee Edit Dissolve The Drama Review

When I heard about the launch of ‘The Estee Edit‘ it had me intrigued, mainly because at the time you couldn’t get your hands on it here yet, so when I placed my Sephora order a few weeks ago and saw this available as a 100 point perk, I decided to pick it up to dip my toe into the brand free of charge (and guilt as I shouldn’t have been online shopping anyway!) #NoBuyFail

I have to commend Estee Lauder, I love the new packaging that they’ve introduced to the line and with Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim as the youthful faces of the line they’re doing well at gradually repositioning themselves as a brand for the young, not just the old, I remember Estee Lauder was the place my grandparents shopped for makeup and I’m sure I’m not the only one whose always not gravitated towards the brand so much for this reason.

Dissolve the Drama is a 2-in-1 Product as a Makeup Remover and Cleanser… calling this a 2 in 1 is a bit of a weak connection to me – the majority of cleansers will also remove your makeup but at least it’s a cleanser that does do both, I don’t enjoy a cleanser that can’t tackle makeup simultaneously, 2 step processes are not for me!


I’ve never been someone who has really enjoyed cleansing oils, and until this year I’ve basically avoided them at all costs, I know oils are great for oily skin, but that oily feeling on the skin makes me really uncomfortable as it’s a feeling I’m used to wanting to get rid of, and I’ve never tried a cleansing oil before (or if I have I’ve blocked it from my memory). I’m learning to love my Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil and I’m totally converted by my Sunday Riley Luna Oil I got from the Sephora haul this accompanied. So it’s time to be a big girl, and try something new. So as per the description, you massage this luxurious oil into dry skin to dissolve traces of makeup before adding water to create a milky cleanser to wash it all away leaving the skin silky soft and clean as a whistle. But did it actually deliver?

As the description perfectly describes once water is added it melts down to a thin milk and rinses of easily from the face, trouble is it doesn’t take much makeup with it. I’ve found If I’ve been wearing makeup since 8am and I’ve taken it off at 10 it does an okay job, but if I’ve put it on in the evening for going out, and it’s all more fresh and there’s more pigment on my face, then not so much – finding I need to follow up with a Micellar Water to make sure my skin is totally makeup free after. It’s not brilliant with eye makeup regardless of how long it’s been on my face. I do quite enjoy the texture of this, it’s silky and doesn’t feel oily as I was expecting – and over a makeup free face I find I enjoy the whole experience a lot more, which is so rare to be completely bare faced as even on weekends when I’m not leaving the house I tend to be testing something to review. Not only that – but it defies it’s own bloody name.

With ingredients including Aloe, Cucumber and Jojaba oil – it does leave the skin feeling nourished as it goes, so I will be happy to use this up on bare faced days, or as a second step cleanser. I’m not 100% sure that cleansing oils will be for me however, I like being lazy and cleansing in the shower – and needing a dry face to massage into to start with isn’t the most practical to attempt in shower, and I’ll be guaranteed to forget pre-shower 99% of the time.

I’m still intrigued about other items in the Estee Edit, partially based on packaging. It’s available now in Sephora, and in the UK it’s freshly launched into Selfridges too.

Have you tried cleansing oils – let me know your thoughts if you’re a lover or a hater of them!


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