Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil Review

It’s not very often as women that we’re not wanting to like our beauty products, or hoping that they don’t live up to the often ridiculous claims they make. But I have been in the unusual position with the Sunday Riley Luna Oil, that I’ve wanted that to be the case. For those that have missed this product, you can’t be following many big Youtubers, over the past year Sunday Riley’s Good Genes, Luna and Blue Moon have been popping up over everyone’s blogs with considerable influence, after a while curiosity got the better of me.

The reason I didn’t want to like this is purely because of the price-tag, Sunday Riley products are notoriously premium and the most expensive beauty item I’ve ever purchased for myself, or anyone else for that matter. At £85 for the full size, I just couldn’t bring myself to take a punt on a product that I could only get online and might not even like. When I spotted Sunday Riley Power Couple featuring half sizes of Luna and Good Genes available exclusively in Sephora I’d planned to pick it up in New York. Skipping happily into the busy times square store with my list I was unable to get this, it was either out of stock, not availble in store or hidden somewhere in the store and I completely forgot to ask for assistance when I got to the till. I finally bit the bullet last month after there was another item I had to order from Sephora online (visit haul here to see what it was!) and I opted to finally get my hands on the kit at the same time.


The Power Couple duo does in the grand scheme of Sunday Riley products offer relatively good value especially if you’re feeling wary like me, at $78 and a $108 value (£53 cost / £74.50 Value) – bare in mind if you’re in the UK prices in the US add vat on top so roughly work out at the same £85 price with shipping and tax.

I’ve really been neglectful of my morning skincare regime so I’ve not used Good Genes as much as I should and whilst so far I like it, I don’t have a full proper opinion on it yet. So this review is just on the Luna Sleeping Oil. Now oils are something that is relatively new to me, the only other one I’ve ever tried and is a recent addition is the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery oil and whilst that one is suitable for your every day use, the Luna Oil is something that’s designed to only be used a couple of times a week. I had instant feelings towards Luna (but have held off reviewing for a month), but I still haven’t made up mind on Kiehl’s yet!

Let’s talk packaging, I love the sleek yet simple design of this bottle. Luna’s packaging is a deep navy glass bottle, with a delicate white black and gold label and a gold topped dropper its easily one of the nicest pieces of dressing table eye candy I own. The dropper is perfectly designed which easily allows you to get out just the right amount of product. Unlike the Kiehls Oil where I find 1-2 drops is enough to do my whole face, I find Luna doesn’t spread quite as far and I need somewhere in the region of 5 drops – but given this is a 2-3 times a week job, and Kiehl’s is an every day (or every day I’m not using Luna) so I think they’ll roughly be used up at the same speed.


A sleeping oil it definitely is, I’d heard people say that it has a green tinge and boy they aren’t lying. It’s a super dark green colour which does leave the slightest cast on my skin, but I can imagine if you were paler than I, you might be left with a tinge that’s more hulk like. Annoyingly whilst this does contain blue tansy, they also add some colourant to make it more green/blue, not quite sure why you’d decide to do this other than making it more gimmicky.



Something that can’t helped but be mentioned is the scent, it has a distinct, but not wholly unpleasant scent, for some reason I keep thinking I smell like a pasta dish when I put this on – it smells good, just not like a beauty product! Luckily the scent doesn’t linger all too long before it’s gone, and whilst it fades after a very strongly scented first five minutes, it almost becomes herbally and spa like.

Key ingredients of this product include Trans-retinol Ester which helps fight the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and prevent the loss of skin elasticity. Blue Tansy which Aids in healing damaged skin and prevent signs of redness. It’s also listed as being an ingredient which helps with eczema and dermatitis. German Chamomile Soothes inflamed and irritated skin.
Finally Avocado Seed Oil added to re-plump the appearance of fine lines, corrects redness and is rich in B, C, D, E, and A.

From the very first use I had a ‘oh shit’ moment, I actually liked this very pricey product from the get go and my wallet was practically cowering at the thought of having to repurchase. My skin was smoother and softer. For the past few months I’ve suffered with those bumpy spots that never quite come to anything, always linger and are impossibly tiny to squeeze (sometimes you just gotta to get rid of them quickly no?) and after a week I noticed these spots were disappearing one by one. I very much notice a difference on days where I use this to days where I don’t and I very much am having to resist the urge to use this on a nightly basis, too much retinol coming into summer is not a great idea. I have noticed a slight reduction in the size of my pores, the only place I really have them is close to my nose on my cheek area, I’ll keep monitoring this over the coming months and aim to provide an update, but after a month of 2/3 uses a week I’m left really, really impressed. My skin is starting to look better than it has in years – even though this is a half size, it’s very difficult to tell because of the very dark glass, at this stage I can barely tell that any product has gone out of it, if at all.


Now I’m not the queen of the science behind skincare, so if you’re looking for a thorough review of ingredients of names I don’t understand and can not pronounce, I’d recommend checking out Caroline Hiron’s write up here (she is the actual skincare queen) – she’s not got an all praises review, but for those of you looking for the parts I can’t give check out her post. All I know is that this really is working for me!

Ordering from Sephora is a little bit of a ball-ache if I’m being totally honest, so if you’re looking for the full size, the best place to get in the UK is via Cult Beauty


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  1. May 15, 2016 / 10:01 am

    I am in the same place as you on this product! I really want to try it but am a little sticker shy. I may look into the set you are talking about though.

    • May 15, 2016 / 10:11 am

      The set I would definitely recommend if you’re curious about them. I’d still say you’ve got a 6 month + supply in the bottle and two half sizes for the cost of one makes it easier to digest if you’re curious about both in particular!

  2. May 15, 2016 / 4:59 pm

    I think i’m going to have to bite the bullet…

  3. honorireland
    May 15, 2016 / 8:08 pm

    I’ve actually been looking at this for ages now and yours is one of the first reviews I’ve read! so helpful as it is a lot of money! Xx

    • There were so few reviews I could find of people who hadn’t been sent the product to try I decided to bite the bullet! Short term gains are at least good!

      • honorireland
        May 15, 2016 / 8:34 pm

        Exactly! So so helpful! I think I’m just going to have to purchase and maybe do my own little review in the future xxx

  4. May 16, 2016 / 3:27 am

    I guess they had to add the colourant to make it distinct looking?
    Smells like a pasta dish? Hmm I’m intrigued to smell this at Sephora. Like that Paula’s Choice serum that smells like cooked red meat!
    I’m glad this is working for you!

    • From what I’ve read it would have been slightly blue with the blue tansy, they’ve just added colouring to make it more so. Maybe it wasn’t distinct enough like you said, I know I’d prefer it sans colourant though!
      I don’t know what it is everytime I put t on i keep asking Ben if I smell like pasta and he says no… But it definitely does to me. If not pasta something very food herb like rather than spa herb like if that makes sense, have a sniff and confirm if I’m crazy haha!
      Eww not heard about Paula’s choice I don’t think or if I have I’ve blocked from my memory sounds terrible! 😷

  5. May 19, 2016 / 2:18 pm

    This sounds amazing! I’ve been so wanting to try this for so long! That Sephora kit sounds really good, I think I will need to make an order soon to test it out!

  6. Lifestyle Lodestar
    May 19, 2016 / 3:49 pm

    Still experimenting with the Kiehls Midnight oil and Eye cream, but this sounds like a interesting option given the Retinol ingredient. All in all, would you say it was worth the hefty price tag.

    • In all honesty I would say it’s hard to say yet, I can’t really tell that I’ve used much of the product at all yet so in terms of how long it will last I can see this half size bottle lasting me close to a year.

      Personally I’ve seen bigger differences in my skin with this compared to midnight recovery.

      I think it’s hard to say yet but I’m very pleased with it so far, if I lost this bottle tomorrow I portably would buy another!

  7. Anne
    May 23, 2016 / 9:02 am

    Oh no! I really need you not to like it, so I can finally stop wanting to buy it. Hmmpff, if only is was just a little less expensive. Great decision on the duo value pack, gives you a proper chance to try it.

    • I know, I wish I could say that I hate it! So far I really, really don’t though which is incredibly annoying!
      Plus for it though is that this will last an incredibly long time – I can see this half size lasting me the best part of a year so a full size will be about two years!

      • Anne
        May 25, 2016 / 9:22 am

        Oh well, I’ll just have to wait to see if I can find a decent bargain on it online. At least it will last forever so it is worth the investment.

    • June 10, 2016 / 4:47 pm

      Hahah, I wish I hated it! I bloody love it – god damn it! So pricey, good news is it lasts bloody ages, I’ve barely scratched the surface on this and it’s a half size bottle!

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