Schwarzkopf Beach Matt Sea Salt Spray Review

I thought it only fitting to photograph Schwarzkopf Got 2 B Beach Matt Sea Salt Spray (is that wordy enough) in front of my shed which is painted like a beach hut in lieu of the real thing.


I fall in and out of love with Sea Salt sprays, and my main time of love for them is around summer time when they make an easy hair style. Whilst we’ve been having some hot spells in the UK (which has meant ultra muggy and humid nights) has meant that I have often needed to wash my hair in the morning, rather than the night before.

With thick, long hair this sounds like the stuff that nightmares are made of as I already get up at 6.15 and leave the house by 8 (this sounds like a long time, but it takes my brain about an hour to switch on and I spend at least 30 minutes occupied with the dog each morning). And in my 45 minute drive to work my hair would be mostly dry.


I was hoping this would be my saviour, as I can wash and leave my hair to dry with a good dosing of this spray. I love the Got 2 B Rise n’ Shine hairspray and I was hoping that the sea salt spray would be a welcome addition to my over crowded hair drawer. Claiming to give you ‘mermaid look’, windblown, tousled waves, that’s exactly what I want from a sea salt spray.

I have a natural wave to my hair already, but I like something to hold it in place, encourage a little bit more wave/texture and stop it going frizzy. This doesn’t leave your hair feeling crusty or crunchy, sometimes I find it salt sprays leave hair oily and greasy – this does not. But that’s kind of the problem too, this doesn’t seem to do anything, and if anything I prefer my hair without it than with it, as it seems to change the shape of my moderately curly waves to a kink.


Left hand side = natural hair, Right hand side = with salt spray


I tried with this 4 times left feeling unimpressed by how my hair looked by the time I got to work and just had to shove it up in a bun or a bobble. So as abouve I took it  into my own hands to see what it did to my hair – applying it to only half my hair (on a day when I was at home… just in case).

I’m thinking of trying the Bumble and Bumble sea salt spray (but it’s so pricey) – if you’ve tried it before or if you have tried any others which you love please let me know too!


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