Percy & Reed Foaming Treatment Mask Review

Percy & Reed Foaming Treatment Mask

I picked up the Percy & Reed Foaming Treatment Mask last month as part of my selections from Love Me Beauty and it was the first product that I was dying to try out because it’s so unusual and I’d tried something similar before from Sebastian, which I didn’t get on with so I was curious to see how it would compare.


When it comes to hair conditioning foaming is not a quality which immediately springs to mind for me. I’ve tried the Sebastian Colour Protecting foaming conditioner before, and in short, it was terrible – it caused my hair colour to fade quickly and it’s fallen to the back of the cupboard to collect dust very quickly, and I’d completely forgotten I had tried something like this 6 months ago, if I had remembered I probably wouldn’t have decided to try out another.


For me this isn’t conditioning at all. I need about 3 handfuls of this to make it feel like it’s coating my hair, but I really, really struggle to get a brush or comb through it unlike a cream conditioner – when it dries my hair looks and feels dry compared to ‘normal’ conditioners.

I have a feeling that if you had thinner, lighter or shorter hair this might work well for you. It’s designed to give bounce and volume to hair with a formula which won’t weigh down the hair down as much.


I’ll end up using this up and I don’t think it will take me very long because I need to get so much product out. I will have to use it paired with another conditioner though, as my hair just looks terrible without it. I’ve seen other reviews of this from people who also received it in their box and no one seems to have been blown away by the formula, but that being said reviews online are quite favourable as I’d checked them before selecting the product!

Have you tried Percy & Reed haircare before – or a foaming conditioner? Let me know in the comments if you have!


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  1. Roxanne Cares
    December 15, 2015 / 8:40 pm

    I will have to try it looks nice 🙂

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