Morgan Taylor Tan My Hide – Swatch & Review

For about 6 months now I have been on the hunt for the perfect cream nail polish, that’s more than an off white, doesn’t lay too pink or yellow based. I’ve purchased some in shops which when I’ve got them into daylight I’ve been disappointed by. But when I spotted Tan My Hide from Morgan Taylor, all my Christmas’ came at once. The perfect shade  that I’ve been searching for – with a brand which I’ve been wanting to try for ages too.


Tan My Hide sits quite beigey, and is the kind of shade that makes me look more tanned than what I am, personally I don’t think this would sit too nicely on those with with porcelain skintones – or at least it wouldn’t have the same effect.


The pigmentation of the polish is good it’s very close to being opaque in 1, but it has an ever so slight patchiness to it which means it needs two. The brush on this is quite narrow, but isn’t too long or too short – it makes it easy to get a mess free application. Whilst I love everything about the colour, it takes forever to dry. I’ve painted my nails with this 3 times now and no matter how long I’ve waited it still hasn’t been quite dry when it comes to going to bed. If I have to be careful with my nails for more than 20 minutes after painting it’s probably not for me, and after an hour this still wasn’t quite dry.


The next day after waking up with crease marks from bedding I followed up with a topcoat to even out the messy finish, and improved it, but you can probably tell from the swatches that it’s still not perfect. In terms of chipping, this didn’t – it was worse. This polish is one of those that will peel off in whole massive chunks rather than chip which I hate, you don’t get the saving grace of getting a chip in the morning at work and it looking okay until you get home – your mani can go from completely fine to utterly horrendous in a matter of hours!


Overall, I can’t say I’m particularly impressed with my first taste of Morgan Taylor and don’t have plans to rush back and add more to my collection. Given these are more expensive than OPI I feel a bit ripped off by this polish!

Have you tried Morgan Taylor? What did you think?


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  1. October 13, 2015 / 2:08 pm

    Ooh this polish sounds absolutely obnoxious! I hate ones that don’t dry thoroughly, and then for it to chip in chunks? No thanks. I’ve not heard of this brand but if I come across it, I’ll remember not to buy it. The bottle does look a lot like OPI’s though.

    • October 13, 2015 / 2:22 pm

      Whilst I don’t own any the packaging reminds me of the Spa Rituals polishes! I know terrible, especially while it’s more expensive than OPI which is generally as much as I like to spend. Shame as it’s just the shade I was looking for, but performance is terrible. Shame we can’t return cosmetics here as it would have gone straight back!

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