Michael Todd Pumpkin – Face Mask Friday #8

Michael Todd Pumpkin – Face Mask Friday #8

Has this series really been running 2 months? As someone who started this saying ‘I don’t really like face masks’ – It’s certainly lasted longer than I expected. And I must admit that I am becoming a bit of a convert! Onto this week’s edition… the Michael Todd Pumpkin Face Mask.


I received this tester sized tube of the Michael Todd Pumpkin Face Mask as a freebie with purchase quite some time ago. Suitable for all skin types – excluding sensitive – this face mask contains 5% glycolic acid which claims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles (don’t personally have those quite yet!), brighten, tighten, smooth, loosen dead skin cells and reduce pore size. All in all sounding bloody fantastic – basically other than a deep moisturising mask, this should do everything you could want. But does it?

The first thing which hits you on applying is the smell, it smells a bit rancid – it’s hard to get over, and unfortunately it does linger, it doesn’t become any less noticeable for the 5-10 minutes you need to leave it on. Secondly it tingles but not in a soothing way, this mask says that it isn’t suitable for sensitive skin and I can see why, it takes a lot to irritate my skin, and certainly wouldn’t put myself anywhere near the sensitive skin category, but it does have the tendency to make my skin itch – and again, it’s not something that wears off the longer it lingers, but it does feel like something is happening!


I’ve tried some crazy looking masks in my 8 weeks, but I think this one takes the trophy for the most likely to scare the postman (even above the one that was black!). I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of this, but this looks horrific. As I was walking around the house to test this out my boyfriend stopped me in the kitchen, inspected my face, and it said it looks like something has vomitted on your face. Brilliant.

Despite all the negatives on smell, look and the slight stinging, this mask is brilliant. My skin feels very, very smooth after using and I do feel like it does a fantastic job of removing old skin cells and clearing out pores. One quality it doesn’t make any claims for, but I find it does a great job of, is for after 2-3 days after using oil production on my face is reduced significantly, I don’t suffer with any shiny face syndrome that my combination skin would normally show after a day at the office.

I would be willing to use this every few days to keep oiliness away if it worked, but it recommends use only once every 1 – 2 weeks, and I think with how much it makes my skin tingle, I wouldn’t want to try it more frequently than that.

I have one more face mask in my collection to feature for next weeks, I feel like I should stop at a nice round number of 10 (at least to give me a chance to use up some of the products I have before starting up again. So leave me your favourite face mask below or a request, and I will try to get my hands on it for next week’s last review!

Have you tried this mask?


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  1. May 1, 2015 / 3:23 pm

    Not sure if I could get over the smell of pumpkin… and yes, it does look pretty gross, I can only imagine what it looks like on the face! I do love myself an glycolic masks though – they make my skin so soft! I have this in my stash waiting to be opened
    It’s pumpkin & honey and I HOPE it doesn’t smell or look bad….

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